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Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make It Easy


In today’s article, we are going to share with you some easy and useful bathroom cleaning tips and tricks. The busiest spot of any house is none other than the bathroom. Every family member even the guests are visiting is place at least once in a day.

From down to down (even in midnight) your bathroom has been used for. That’s why need to clean, and hygiene so that not in only in the shin in inside but also in outside, meaning a fresh looking and smelling bathroom and utterly free from bacteria.

Why Need To Clean Bathroom?

Many people complain about that even after regular cleaning their bathroom doesn’t stay fresh for a long time. It is very important to clean your bathroom. Without cleaning your bathroom properly, you will not get good result. Doing the cleaning chore every day is really tough. But daily dusting, dish-washing, Landry, etc. are mandatory. You don’t have time to deal with your bathroom.

Little or straightforward things can make a big difference. Follow these easy bathroom clean tips and tricks to hold freshness for a long time.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

Here we have listed some cleaning tips and tricks which you can apply on your toilet cleaning.

1. Cleaning the exhaust fan

This is the absolute easy trick which doesn’t require you vacuum or mop. Use an air can or leaf blower and clean the vent blowing the air.

2. Removing water spot

Remove all the water sports form the chrome fixture in your bathroom. Cut a half of lemon and rub it over the water spots. The marks will disappear in no time leave only shinning chrome surface.

3. Bad Odors

Lemon is the magic remedy for all type of odds. Use a lemon to get rid of odors that stuck in your bathroom for a long time. Just take an empty spray bottom and fill it with fresh lemon juice. 50 or 70 ml of lemon juice will be great to use for 3/4 days.  Use it after cleaning the toilet or before using the toilet.

If you live with boys, then you might need something sturdy. Make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda and rub it all over the toilet like rim, seat floor joint, etc. use it to scrub inside the commode and leave all of them for 20 min. Add one cup of vinegar to the flash tank too. After that give all of them a final scrub and flash.

4. Sanitize the brush holder

Don’t just clean the toilet brush with regular water and set it on the holder it will build germs. Pour some disinfectant into the holder so that it could be sanitizing thoroughly. You can let the sanitizer dry there or just remove it after 24 hrs.

5. Bleach pan for groups

Remove the grouts grout on the joint of tiles by using bleaching pen. It might take a little bit of time but think about the result you are going to have. You can use it for targeted are without applying all over the bathroom.

6. Clearing the bathtub drain

You need to clean the bathtub drain at least once in a month. Remove the top part of the pipe and remove the screwdriver to detach its upper section. You will found all the hair stuck in there. Remove them all and run regular water to remove dirt.

Make a paste with baking soda and vinegar and pour it in the tub drain. Use a toothbrush to clean it after setting the mixture for ten mines. Now run the hot water for a couple of mines or more until all the mixture dirt etc. wash off thoroughly.

7. Shine your fixture

No, this time you don’t need lemon juice to do this stuff. Take a cotton ball and few drop of baby oil into it. Now rub the oil all over the surface and a while. See how glowing they are!

8. Be smart while cleaning

You need a lot of stuff while cleaning the bathroom. If you are going one corner to another or outside of washroom over and over again, it will take a lot of time and energy to complete these chores. So be smart. Take a bucket and fill it all the necessary stuff like the brush, cleaner, vinegar bottle, etc. or another item you need. It will decree the hassle of grabbing things here to there.

Bathroom Cleaning tricks

9. Shower curtain liner

You can clean it in the washing machine but wash it by hand is more leisurely. Just fill some water in the brush tub and add liquid detergent in it. Now soak the curtain liner for 20 mines and clean it off. Hang it on the shower rod for a while to excess water could drop off altogether.

10. The shower head

Here is another bathroom cleaning tips vinegar. Filled a plastic bag with vinegar and tied to with the shower head sinking the head completely. Leave it for 20 min. It will remove all the crusty stuff irregular and uneven flow.

11. Stain removal for sink

Make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and rub it to the stain on your procaine sink. All the stains will come out just like that. If needed leave the mixture for few min and scrub it again.

12. Shine the mirror

In winter even the other time of the year you need to use hot water and the mirror become foggy right after the vapor spared over the bathroom. In the cold days, it’s a common problem. Use shaving foam to get rid of gloomy mirror. Take a handful of shaving foam and rub it on the mirrors. Now wipe it out with a damp towel.


So, now on if anyone asks you to use the bathroom to freshen up don’t start to sweat. Because you have some natural and quick bathroom clean tips and tricks to utilize anytime. Either they are going to judge your cleaning skills or hygiene sense your bathroom will be fresh and shiny just like its cleaned some moment ago. You check out different types of flush toilet systems in here.

Any bathroom small or large usual or fancy, all could be handled by the following guidance. So, get prepared and start the mission ‘cleaning bathroom’ from today with your favorite bathroom cleaning tips and tricks from here and enjoy the clean and happy bathroom.

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