Best Tactical Backpack Reviews of 2018: Buyer’s Guide


From ex-military day tripper to serious backpacker everybody knows the importance of the best tactical backpack. There is two type of opinions made by people about the military and tactical backpack. One opinion says these bags are made for a military person with all the specifications required by military battle. Other is for- the bag is actively used by army soldiers, marine, etc. for their mission purpose that is why it called the military backpack. All two opinions are correct, but these bags are not limited to the use of soldiers they are a good companion of travelers and explorers. After all, when you are on an adventure, you need something like a backpack that is all-in-all.

All our reviewed products here are selected on the base of some important basic ideas along with some experience of professional users. And then we have got all our opinions of these products after a 3 days trial usage for camping, fishing, etc. so we can understand the products and judge better before you decide of made a point about a particular product. Your ideal tactical rucksack should be durable, good for quality and easy to carry anywhere. If you are planning to carry your gears for hunting, kayaking, fishing or hiking, you will never find anything better than a tactical backpack.

Tactical Backpack Overview

The tactical backpack is a pack where tactical equipment is kept. The tactical backpacks commonly used in strategic operations such as the military, police or security groups. It offers the high capacity to accommodate all the materials necessary in the activity. Therefore, normally we will be talking about backpacks of several liters of volume. Although this can vary depending on the functions for which it is using and the duration of operations.

In addition to security forces and special forces, this tactical backpack also used for various sports. Such as hiking and others that require a considerable load of materials at the same time as comfort in the activity. Maximum tactical backpacks are made of polyester or nylon. It used to give them the lightness and resistance. In some cases, these fabrics covered with other materials. That also provides resistance to special conditions, such as abrasion.

The tactical backpacks usually offer a great diversity of pockets and hooks to give the possibility of packing a wide amount of tools if necessary. Taking into account the conditions such as operations lasting several days. It is important that they can receive as many tools as possible. In this way the load will be concentrated in less equipment and space will be saved.

Comparison on Rucksack vs Backpack

At the time of going on a trip, choosing between taking a backpack is not a decision that should take lightly. A bad choice could annoy us the trip. The rucksack is one type of backpack. Both are similar but has some difference on the size and uses. Here I am going to show you the comparison of Rucksack vs backpack.


Backpacks are the most sensible option for long weekends or short trips. They are also suitable if you are one who prefers to travel with very specific baggage. Small and easy to transport, they offer great mobility. So you can run through the tunnels of the subway if you arrive late without worrying about anything or transport easily in any vehicle without any problem.

It fits very easily under the seat of the plane and should not be billed since you will pass it as carry-on luggage. This type of backpacks is very versatile. You can wear some clothes or whatever you can think of once you get to your destination. They are much cheaper than a rucksack. It much easier to store in several places where a rucksack would not fit.


The rucksack is the larger version of a backpack. Its only used for trekking, backpacking, hiking and long tour. It’s too much heavy that difficult to carry. Rucksack has the advantage of having a more resistant material, mainly outside. Packing all these things is usually much easier in a suitcase, in which you put them and simply close them. Imagine you have to carry your rucksack when you come to a place where you have to climb hundreds of steps, or a cobbled street or full of sand or mud, where It is totally awful.

I tell you about the comparison on Rucksack vs backpack. Both are important based short and long travel. If you travel for example a weekend to a nearby city, I recommend you bring a rucksack. It will be easier because you will not be in constant movement from one place to another. In the other hand, If you are going to travel to several places, I definitely recommend that you choose a backpack, because you will constantly be moving and it will be much easier to do it with a backpack on your shoulders.

Factors To Think Before Buying The Tactical Backpack

When it comes to choosing the best tactical backpack for you work or travel, there are lots of things to consider. Your job purpose and other requirements should consider first before buying a military bag. Such as the size, capacity, compartments and all. Here we discussed some important factors about the military backpack so you can choose it more wisely.

Construction materials

Your backpack should long-lasting, water, sun and heat proof so it can serve in any situation. Usually, the military backpack is made of nylon, polyester canvas, etc. all they have both positive and adverse effects of using as military assaults. The nylon or rip-stop nylon fiber is suitable for backpacks, and they are very durable and lightweight. Especially the rip-stop nylon is robust than regular nylon.

Some army backpacks are made of polyester. Polyester fiber is not tough as the nylon by can block the UV rays compare than nylon. All our reviewed backpacks made with this tow improved artificial fiber. There is other materials are used for military backpacks, Canvas. It’s a natural fabric, feels soft, and has average durability. But, it’s heavier than other three materials.

Comfort level

Comfort level is an important option to consider for every person who wants to get this particular type of backpack. Because, you are going to carry it for a long time on roads, hills or ride with your gears. Although, these bags are rugged and sturdy for keep the secure stuff inside of it. But doesn't mean they should be uncomfortable as well. So when you are going to check out the comfort level of your bag check these things also.

  • Look for the extra wide straps so the bag can distribute the weight evenly and makes the carrying comfortable.
  • Many military backpacks include sternums straps for better fit. These straps are attached with shoulder straps and attached by buckles to take pressure off the shoulders. This feature is best while having heavier loads.
  • Lumber straps are also good option to lessen the pressure on your shoulder. It runs across your hip and supports the shoulder straps.
  • Your backpack should include air channel, so the air circulation between the back and the backpack remain well. It helps to get rid of excessive heat caused by friction.


A capacity is also a vital option which allows you take more/fewer gears in the bag. But it’s totally up to user’s personal preference and workload. If you are adventurer how to use too long trips, hunting, etc. you will require maximum storage or space in a bag. But the downside of having a huge room consisting bag is they are heavy. Besides, for EDC, motorcycle riding, gym and one-day outing, you don’t need to go for huge space. Small or medium storage capacity will be perfect for you.

Load design

Military or tactical backpacks have tow type of loading option top loading and top to side loading. For long trips its right to consider the top loading options. They give you the flexibility to get gear without messing other or loosen them. Others can go for the second choice. This option allows you to rip up the upper portion one-third and find the thing carefully. But if you are in a rush there is a possibility of fallen of such stuff just getting one. But loading design depends on personal preferences.

Color & Styles

Color schemes and styles also depend on personal choice. Due to the work style, you can find your own style while finding any military backpack. But if you are planning to buy the bag for hunting, fishing or tailing camouflage is better option to choose. They match with the natural environment and don’t look dull due to dust and dirt. For EDC, gym, riding or work plain colored and simple backpack is more suitable to have.

Additional features

Some additional features like MOLLE webbing, hydration pack or extra foam on the back is proven useful for using a military backpack. Some bags offer additional secure storage for gun or loops for hanging your stuff on the shoulder straps. Foam supports on the bag provide more comfort while carrying. Others are good to have if you are planning three-day trips or similar to that.

Top 10 Best Tactical Backpack Reviews

For finding a quality backpack and all purpose serve the best tactical backpack we have listed some useful trendy yet budget friendly backpacks here. From service to traveling they are suitable for everything. Have a look below.

1. Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

Our first best military bag is little tiny but perfect for using 2/3 day trips. The Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack is made of high-density fabric which is good to protect your stuff from shock, rain, and heat. The look of the backpack is very impressing similar like the military assault bags. Also, it’s super versatile and functional too. The molle system of the backpack is vast and appears to be of adequate quality for the cost. It’s great to carry you’re a lot of stuff.

This Military Tactical Assault Pack is very light, which is one of the greatest positive sides of any army backpack. It’s only 3.2 pounds and 11 x 18 x 12 in size. As it’s a small size of a backpack, it becomes automatically light and suitable for carrying your stuff comfortably. Also, its high-density fiber makes it breathable, so when you are walking with the bag, it won’t make heat that much which could make you uncomfortable.

The best tactical backpack is made with strong fiber along with Double-stitch finishing. All the attachments of the product like the utility style cord pulls comfortable padding back area, side and front-load compression and breathable shoulder straps which made of mesh padding. That means you can carry all your stuff more safely as long as you want or as roughly as you can. And still, it will be excellent, durable and comfortable as the new one over the time.

This army backpack has the hydration capability that works well for a 2.5l hydration bladder. This is essential stuff which needs for any outdoor camping, hiking, etc. even those who use this kind of bags for carrying their official or working stuff for EDC may need to carry a hydration bladder. And the Military Tactical gives you the chance to take a good amount of liquid compression to its size.

You can use this best bag pack for various works. This one is perfect for using as an assault pack, bug out bag backpack, range bag, hunting backpack and so one. Usually, the military backpacks are so sturdy and their lots of pockets, storage points made them more versatile. However, you can use it as combat, survival, military rucksack and tracking backpack as well.

  • Very sturdy, and made with quality materials.
  • The zippers metal of the bag is made with thick material never get rust.
  • Comes with reasonable price.
  • It has plenty of room for storage.
  • Also included Velcro hole for the tube that holds up to a 2.5l hydration.
  • It's a smaller bit smaller in size.
  • The bag is mainly olive green not tan as shown in the ad.

Overall, it’s an outstanding military backpack which has lots of features to impress you immediately. The size of the bag is not so big but good enough for your weekend or any other short trips. So for quality military bag back with the reasonable price the Military Tactical Assault Pack would be a wise choice to make.

2. Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack

Our net choice for the best military backpack is the Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack. This one is small size and lightweight backpack to carry maximum gears for your outdoor activities. The construction of the bag is sturdy, and stitching seems very high quality. It has datable pockets and pouches for carrying different gear as you need. However, this bag sack is really comfortable and completely waterproof.

Sounds crazy right? We need to stop anyway while keeping out the water bladder from any backpack while outing. But the Monkey Paks has separate hydration backpack water bladder to save your time. You can now sip from the bladder while walking without stopping. This water bladder is completely BPA free and can hold 2.5-liter water at a time.

The reason behind saying is its construction material. It’s made of 600D robust nylon with double stitching. Also, its heavy-duty big teeth zippers are waterproof and durable. These zippers have paracord which also made them quite during opening and closing.

Most of the military bags we bought for packing/keeping our stuff for at least 3/4 days. From clothes, a toothbrush to firearms, bullets all can be carried with this backpack. This Us army style bag has lots of space to carry your necessary gears. Also, it’s a ton of Molle webbing for all your tools make it more versatile. In fact, the main pouch could easily fit a 4-gallon container without any complications.

The military backpack has made for quick and convenient carrying. Its spacious interiors are made for hold a lot of stuff including a good amount of water. But still, it feels better to carry while tracking hills or crossing the river. A backpack should feel flat on your back no matter how less or more gears you are carrying on it. In that case, you will free even you are carrying more than 30 lbs on it. It’s good for distributing weight equally onto you back and feels you comfortable.

  • It has lots of space to keep your things that could be needed for the weekend.
  • Quality stitching and secured zippers with pullcords.
  • Different compartment organization that worked well.
  • Included hydration bladder for immediate sipping.
  • Well functional and places waist belt and chest straps.
  • Functional compression straps for the main compartment.
  • The shoulder straps and plastic buckles are very poor in quality.
  • The water bag is little cheap.

Overall its very durable and comfortable military backpack with reasonable price. Its quality material and construction allows you to use it for a long time for camping, hiking, tracking, etc. If you want something sturdy for EDC, then this one is best to choose.

3. CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Rucksacks Tactical Backpack

The tactical rack shake is very high quality even with the surprisingly low price. The CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Rucksacks is made with quality material and finishing so you can use it for EDC or weekend traveling, hiking, hunting or campaign. It has lots of space for keeping all kinds of stuff that you need for an outing. Besides, its camouflage design and slim construction also very impressive to look.

The backpack has the mole system which allows you to remove the side pockets and other compartments if needed. All these side pockets can be unbuckled and taken off. Even the front pouch that comes with the bag is removable. If you like, you can convert the front pouch into or small over the shoulder bag. There is a strap inside the bag to quickly buckle into the sided of the tiny bag. But don’t go with the size, it’s so many compartments, and areas allow you to keep small to large items that you needed for campaign or hiking. Moreover, it has hidden Velcro area on the back of it.

This military bag is very comfortable to wear. It has a chest strap and stomach strap which put the less strain on your back and other body parts. Besides its comfortable padded straps make the carrying stuff on the backpack even easier more.

The best tactical backpack has vast space to carry your every stuff. Its main compartment, front and side pocket has more than 50L capacity. Which means you can quickly pack your 3/4 days of supplies without any complications. This CVLIFE rucksack is adamant and can survive from any situations. It’s made with 600D Military Nylon and heavy-duty zippers which durable, and waterproof. You can use it as roughly you can for every outing.

  • Made with extremely high-quality materials.
  • Very comfortable to wear and carry.
  • The side pockets can be unbuckled and taken off easily.
  • The inside of the military bag is huge to take a lot of stuff in it.
  • Waterproof and tan-proof.
  • Inside the bag, there is designed are for a hydration bladder.
  • The zipper of the backpack is very sturdy.
  • The water bladder outlet is small.
  • The straps slip through the clips sometime.

Overall, it’s a quality backpack to carry your everyday stuff or weekend outing stuff as well. The space, volume, pockets and the other detail work of the bag are good enough to impress anyone. In fact, it’s an amazing backpack with a very reasonable price.

4. Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack

Our next tactical backpack reviews are Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack for travelers and hikers. Even you can use it for EDC if you like. The best EDC backpack is excellent for those who are looking a right size backpack with lots of storage capacity. This bag has a separate option for a small gun, small pockets for keeping small things and much more. It’s made of quality materials so you can use it anywhere anytime as long as you want.

This tactical military bag is made of sturdy nylon and PVC coating inside. The fabric makes it comfortable and heat resistant, where the PVC coating is for water protection. This protection layer saves your stuff from getting wet. Also, this coating protects the bag inside from sunlight. Also, the zipper and straps of the backpack are durable and corrosion proof.

This best tactical pack has lots of space for different store types of things. This 20- inch backpack has a main and secondary compartment for storing things like laptops, clothes, etc. It has two big front pockets and four small side pockets, two medium pockets on the shoulder straps including gun compartments. There are two gun pouches at the waist for a handgun, GPS, cell phone, iPad or medical accessories.

This Explorer Tactical is very comfortable to carry or wear. Its breathable material made it easy to use. Also its padded shoulder straps it’s good to wear while taking massive gears in the bag. In fact, its Molle straps system allow you to wear all the clothes rather than carry.

This best military bag is not only comfortable it’s different from the look, style, and color. This one has come with olive green without any pattern or design on the surface. But still, it looks great due to its simplicity. But yes, they have some other option for color and design at different price too.

  • Good structure integrity and manufacture.
  • Large enough for keeping weekend supplies.
  • Includes lots of divided pockets and keep your pockets orderly.
  • Its top load straps to secure large amounts make sense for this military bag.
  • No frame, which makes it like no structure or a stack type.
  • There are no cinch straps induced with the bag.

There is no hydration bladder included with the bag. If you are not a big fan of camouflage and looking for an everyday bag with decent color, then it will definitely go with your style. Besides its overall material and construction is suitable for any type of users.

5. 18.5" Tactical Military Style Trekking Backpack

Here is out another top best military bag that could blow your mind. The Tactical Military Style Trekking Backpack is excellent looking and perfect for carrying you all of the stuff. It’s made of strong, durable material and has many storage compartments. The bag comes with comfortable padded shoulder straps so you can carry weight more comfortably. Like the other military assault, the backpack is a bit different in shape. Not only hiking, tracking or hunting it can be used as a regular traveler bags.

This best service backpack is right in size and shape. The height of the bag is 24 inches, width 17 and depth is 9 inches. The big compartment or the main compartment is right to hold a full military uniform along with the shoes. Infect, we taste it during hiking and kayaking, and this backpack is good for taking two days of supplies flawlessly.

This military bag is made of lightweight yet sturdy materials. Even the straps, zippers and buckles are made of heavy duty materials so that you can use them for a pretty long time. Especially, the zippers are very smooth and almost soundless. You will like it while using during any occasion. Infect it can be kept as an emergency supplier of cloth, foods or other stuff in the car.

Keep your things safe, secure and organized while going for outdoor campaign or hunting. This military bag has a lot of pockets or compartment in different sizes. So from the cell phone to a fishing rod, you can carry everything on it very easily. The carrying capacity of the bag is around 20l. And for hold your all stuff more comfortably yet securely, its adjusting shoulder and waist straps give a good supporting during training or hiking.

His military bag is a bit different from others. Sit long, and straight shape and tan color body and straps look amazing and go with any uniform or casual outfit. If you don’t like camouflage designed bags or any full color/ pattern than this one goes with your style perfectly.

  • It’s a good looking bag and could be used for long trips even with some day or weekend trips.
  • Good for carrying lots of stuff.
  • Made with quality materials and construction.
  • Very cheap in price.
  • Lots of pockets for necessary stuff.
  • The Molle system makes it more versatile.
  • It doesn’t have any water bladder holder or hose hole.
  • Fragile waist strap.

It’s one of the great cheap tactical bags which are lightweight and comfortable to use. It does not look like that Daredevil military backpack types which are the reason also it liked my many typical users. However, it’s good enough to use anything you need or want.

6. 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Assault Backpack Rucksack

No, all military bags are good with quality, storage, and features. That is the reason behind user has spent a lot of time for research about this backpack especially if he is looking for something durable. The 3V Gear Velox II has fit the type of quality, strength, and features. It offers a maximum capacity for storage and comfortable carrying. For the best quality product at best price, there is nothing like 3V Gear Velox II.

The tactical backpack is perfect for storing lots of stuff which need for day trips, operation, mission or outing. The bag has 1628 cubic inches or 26.7 litter’s storage space which can take tons of stuff that you need for work or travel. This storage is distributed with small, medium and large compartments for you can organize your stuff by their sizes.

This backpack is very easy to use due to its organized compartment and pockets and the smooth zippers. This self-healing zippers and the clam-shell full opening system is made easier the access to these pockets/ compartments in no time.

You can use the backpack for camping, hunting, trailing, hiking, etc. It’s good for strong, sensitive stuff like laptops or anything made of glass. Yes, this bag is made for multipurpose use, and you can use it as laptop bag too. It’s not overpriced as other laptop bags and useful for carrying laptop safely. Its interior compartment has to cushion that protects your stuff from pressure or get scratched. If you think the straps of the bag don’t go with your new laptop bag, you can remove them also.

The bag has also included the Molle system which allows you to add pouches or any attachments. It doesn't have any separate hydration bladder specifically, but you can use the Molle capability for adding hydration bladder.

  • Suitable for carrying a lot of stuff (capacity almost 27 liters).
  • Very even weight distribution across the back and shoulders.
  • Adamant and durable so good for using for work, traveling or gym bag.
  • The zippers and buckles don't stick at all.
  • Comes with reasonable price.
  • Smell like gasoline and rubber aroma, which is pretty bad.
  • Not enough pockets for storing small things.

Overall it’s an excellent backpack regarding space and durability. The molle capability is almost like buying an external hard drive for your computer. Because it allows you to add some extra storage. It's good for distributing all weights of your stuff evenly. So carrying the backpack while walking is more comfortable just the way you like.

7. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

Here is another incredibly cheap and best tactical backpack for the money which is lightweight and small in size. The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack is great to use for everyday carrying. It could be small in size, but it can bet your nay large backpack when it’s come to the capacity. Although, the storage option of the backpack is very organized which allow you to keep your lots of stuff for traveling or camping. Also its additional option of adding pouches for more space also a great extension.

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear backpack is made of 600D polyester with double stitch construction. That is why the weight of the product becomes small (only 2.4 pounds) buy strong enough to survive in any condition. The material won produce excessive heat during the journey so you can carry the bag more comfortably. Besides the straps, zippers, buckles are made with a quality product and do well during on and off.

Here is another additional feature for extra storage. The capacity of the bag is around 20l, but you can add more stuff from its usual capacity. Its Molle webbing allows you to attach extra gears or pouches without any problem. This backpack also offers padded shoulders straps with plastic D-rings for attachments. That means you can carry some more stuff on straps too. These straps are height adjustable, so if you need, you can loosen of tightening up as your preferences.

The bag dimension is around 19 x 12 x 12.5 inches neither too small nor too big for everyday carry. Due to its polyester construction and mesh ventilated padded back, carrying the bag for days is extremely comfortable. Moreover, its Velcro top closure makes the carrying more secure and better. So while trailing, hiking, or hunting you can carry the backpack without getting much tired.

The backpack has an option for carrying the hydration bladder. Even the largest military backpack don’t allow more than 2.5 liters of a hydration bladder, but this one does. The Red Rock Outdoor can carry maximum three litter of water bottle easily.

  • Includes the largest size (3L) of a hydration bladder.
  • Four internal packs expand up to 20 liters.
  • Suitable for adding MOLLE pouches for more space.
  • Well built and comfortable to wear/carry.
  • Very affordable in price.
  • The arm straps are little short.
  • It smells of chemical and plastic which is very annoying.

Overall it’s a small size of a backpack with lots of storing capacity. That is the reason its good for using for motorcycles rides, gym, and everyday carrying. Even, the bags is great to use for 1/2 day of traveling supplies.

8. 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack

Here is another best tactical military bag that will go to impress you immediately. Because the 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Back Pack is designed and made for providing superior storage capacity with the correct organization for quick access. Its name spends for its features. RUSH 24 is good enough to keep things for 24 hrs or one day. In some cases, you can pack your stuff for 2/3 days of trips. However, you can use the backpack for an EDC bag or tactical assault bag as well.

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 is a good quality tactical backpack which made of durable 1050 D nylon mesh. It also has a special coating for saving the interior from water or any moisturizer. The water-repellent coating stays perfect at the time. Beside its contoured yoke shoulder straps system and doulas, external compression straps are good for comfortable and well fitting.

This best military backpack features roomy main storage is for storing large stuff like your laptop, pillow, boots, clothing, books, etc. moreover, its dual zipping side pockets and the stuff- it pocket allow you to keep medium to small stuff needed for a tour and traveling. Not only that, it has storage for your water bottle, an eyewear pocket, and MOLLE webbing. You will also like the loop area for nametape, three mesh admin compartments, and flag patches too.

This is one of the best tactical military backpacks which come with highest storage capacity. And this one has 37 liter or 2275 cubic inches capacity in total. In average cases backpack are not more than 25l in full capacity. However, its twin drainage grommets, glove-friendly pull tabs and self- repairing YKK zippers make the carrying while the bag is full more securely.

This backpack has lots of compartment to keep your thing organized. Like you now it has the highest capacity for storing all your stuff. Like the 12.5x11x2 inch, admin panel is made for your small things like a pen to a knife, nail cutter pain-roll-on. Also, its mesh zipper pockets are great for keeps small to medium stuff like toothpaste, phone charger, adapter and all. You can see through the mesh pocket for identification before grabbing one.

  • It has plenty of space for taking your things organized.
  • Made with quality and sturdy materials.
  • Also, you can carry your firearms on the backpack safely.
  • Easy to carrying anywhere.
  • Greta shape, color, and design.
  • No waist straps included that complete secure the lower portion of the bag with your body.
  • Expensive product.

Finally, all the zippers and materials of the backpack are extremely durable. Moreover, the bag is a bit heavier due to its size and compartments but its ride so well that you can’t even realize the weight. If you want something cool, then it’s time to move out from average military backpacks.

9. Military Tactical Backpack Large Army 3 Day Assault Pack Waterproof

With great quality and assuring of durability, our next best edc backpack from the Military Tactical Backpack is perfect take as a weekend bag. Its huge capacity allows you take it for any outdoor trips, mission or use as everyday carry bag at work. It’s made with breathable materials will strong zippers and durable straps. The compartments of the bag are well designed, and this bag is capable of being overstuffed it in ridiculous degree. Moreover, the shoulder straps are curved inwards and seem well- positioned against the abdomen.

It made with high-density quality fabric. This material is completely water resistant and tan-proof too. So it good saves your gears from water and won't fade out over the time. Beside its double stitched construction and heavy-duty, zippers are made the bag more sturdy and durable. The side and front-load compression system.

The utility-style cord pulls ad ventilated mesh padded back, and Shoulders are made the bag easier to carry. Besides, the shoulder straps and back areas are padded and breathable. So you won’t fell any uncomfortableness while carrying the bag. Most of the military bags have the hydration bladders option as hydration compatibility for emergencies. This one also has added the option. The bag can carry 2.5 to 3 Liter water at a time.

The best military tactical bag is safe for use as three-day assault pack without any worry. Its massive storage with different compartments allows you to keep supplies for the weekend and give chance outing like hunting, fishing, trekking, trekking, etc. The bag has up to 40L of storage capacity. The overall size of this best army backpack is around 13 x 20 x 11 inches. What that means is good for use as an EDC bag or range, survival, army, bug out bag backpack or anything you want.

  • The construction of the bag is very sturdy.
  • All the zippers are thick, and each pocket has two zipper pulls.
  • Ideal for using weekend trips.
  • Maximum storage capacity.
  • Affordable price range.
  • The waist straps are little short for a heavier person.
  • The MOLLE on the side has three slots but only room for a pouch with single straps. Other two are subtle for a pouch.

Overall it’s an awesome backpack with good design, storage, and price. Along with the robust construction, it has many functional and well-placed compartments and add-on loops. Both emergencies to EDC use it is perfect for perform well and lasting for a long time.

10. Mardingtop Military Backpack/Tactical Molle Backpack

If you don’t like anything incredibly vast and cumbersome backpack, then you will like this Marking top Military Backpack from our last military backpack. It's good to take your necessary gears and other stuff together in the different organizer. It comes with lots of compartment, infinite MOLLE loops for extra clothes. It’s large enough to carry a 15 inches laptop, a full uniform, boots, water bottle, and so on. For the outing to motorcycle riding, you can use it in every sector of works. Besides, it’s good for using as a gym bag or student bag if you like.

This best tactical backpack is made of water-resistant 600D polyester. This makes the bag is very sturdy and durable. The material is good to take care all of your stuff from rain, water even heat in some cases. Like the other tactical backpack, this one also has the Molle webbing for extra storage. It can hold small items for adding extra gears or pouches on the bag. So, even with the 35 liters of causticity, you can add some extra pounds more on it.

The bag has additional shoulder straps and back padding which make the carrying even more comfortable when it’s fully loaded. Its construction materials, waist, and shoulder straps make the full backpack easier and secure. Although the structure of the tactical backpack distributes the bag evenly, so you don’t feel uncomfortable while riding hills or walking on the rocky road.

This army backpack is almost maintenance free. If it gets dirty, you dot need to use entire bag by soaking in the detergent water. Infect it’s not a good idea to clean this water-resistant fabric with bleach or any liquid detergent. The coating may damage by this chemical though. So, when needed just clean the area with a wet cloth. If it is grim in the bag, let it dry and wipe it or clean it using a soft wet toothbrush. Let it dry under air rather than sunlight.

  • Adjustable straps on the bottom for hanging the tents or sleeping bags.
  • Huge capacity (35 L) for lots of gears.
  • Includes Velcro name tape and flag patches.
  • Includes Molle Webbing for hand on small items.
  • Comes with three months of limited warranty, which means if you don’t like the bag, you can return it within this period.
  • The straps don’t stay tight on the shoulder.

Overall it has a great quality backpack which is suitable for using any travel, adventure or works. It has lots of pockets, Molle loops, spaces for keep your stuff like spotting scope, knife and seems very sturdy anyway. It’s a good product with great price.

Final Verdict

When it comes to picking a perfect tactical backpack, the options are so many. They come in different size, shape, and quality, storing capacity, price and all. So, keep that in mind to determine the basic quality and features of a military bag along with the versatility and durability. Don’t be fooled by seeing a brand name or any high-fi features of a bag.

It’s possible to get an ideal military backpack in the budget, but you just need to care about chasing and comparing the available options. Try to consider all the stuff we discussed here before going to make your final purchase. Maybe all the reviewed options of military bags here will lead you to get the best tactical backpack for your EDC or weekend travel. So keep looking forward!

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