8 Best Vacuum Under 200 Dollars


Everyone knows that personal hygiene is half the way to being healthy and happy. The other half is, of course, a clean house. There’s always dusting and wiping off the shelves, as well as sweeping the floor, but in order to do a thorough job, you’ll need to vacuum too. The problem is that it seems like all the good vacuums cost a fortune, but they don’t seem that special at all. All the bells and whistles, yet they don’t seem to do an outstanding job. Who’s to say that you can’t get the best vacuum under 200 dollars? No one!

So if you’re looking for a great vacuum cleaner without having to spend a lot of money, this article should be very helpful. It will cover some basic things you need to know about buying a vacuum cleaner, as well as briefly look into some of the most popular and best vacuums on the market right now.

About Vacuum Cleaner Under $200

Vacuum cleaners have been around for ages, and now they come in all different shapes and sizes. As well as that, there are various types, too. People often wonder what the best cheap canister, stand up, or stick vacuums are. Or even what the best robot vacuum under 200 is. This all indicates to the various choices. But the biggest question is quality.

Some people will tell you certain types are better than others, but in fact, it all comes down to preference. The other thing you need to pay attention to is what you’ll be using the vacuum for. If you need one just for the floors, or if you’d like to more easily reach those places which give everyone headaches, or if you want to clean something other than the floors, like upholstery.

Each type is suitable for something, and vacuums under $200 come in handy as secondary vacuums which get the little things those big ones missed. That being said, nothing’s stopping you from buying a cheap vacuum as a primary resort and solution, but you really have to do your research regarding quality. Overall, they’re quite useful and handy and are proof that a vacuum doesn’t need to be fancy in order to do a swell job.

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Is it possible to buy a vacuum under 200 dollars?

The short answer to this question is “yes”, but then a bigger one poses itself “is it worth it?”. Usually, when you’re looking at home appliances and tools, you try to get value for your money. It’s the same case with vacuums. You know very well how it goes, either buy an expensive vacuum and use it for a long time or buy a cheap one and keep replacing it. But it doesn’t have to work that way.

Good quality vacuums have been developed for cheaper prices to fit the needs of those unable or unwilling to splurge on something more expensive.

That being said, of course, it’s possible to buy a vacuum under 200 dollars, but you should do your research thoroughly so you don’t end up with a faulty product. Like with everything else, there are a ton of companies which sell all sorts of vacuums. It’s very easy to get caught up in the advertisements and false promises, which is why article like these tend to help.

It’s always better when someone has already done the thorough research for you because then all you have to do is read it and you’re set. The chances of getting hurt are nowhere near as great.

You should also be aware that purchases like these are always a risk. Sure, you could do all the research in the world and still end up with a dissatisfactory vacuum. It’s not the end of the world though because you haven’t invested a ton of money in it. What’s more, most companies care about providing good quality customer service so they will listen if you try to complain and return your product. They might even send you a better version of it.

If you’re not one to take risks, maybe it’s time to start with something small, like this. Because you’ll either end up with a good but cheap vacuum, or you’ll gain an experience and will probably be able to get your money back.

Best Vacuum Under 100

Buying guide for quality vacuum under $200

Before buying your new vacuum cleaner, you should be aware of certain things and features that they have. Looking out for these will help you end up with a great quality vacuum under 200 dollars. There are many parts of vacuum cleaners that you should check when you will buy the vacuum machine. So without further ado:

Method of filtration

This is a very important feature as the filtration helps all the harmful particles stay in the vacuum, thereby not coming back to your environment and making you sick. Cheap products and especially vacuums tend to lack proper filtration, and sometimes they don’t have it at all. The best kind of filtration your vacuum can have is, of course, HEPA filtration. This method of filtration is sure to keep all the particles at bay.

Cord length

Even though this may seem like a meaningless feature, it’s actually very important. Cord length is the first to go in order to make an item cheaper. But if you have a short cord, then your vacuum is as good as useless. Always check the cord length before buying your vacuum. It makes a world’s difference when you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging a vacuum while you’re trying to clean a certain part of the house.


When we say design, we primarily mean the durability. Most of these items are cheap because of their improper build. The materials will most likely be cheap, as that is how the company saves money and makes the end result cheap, too. On the other hand, if the materials on the vacuum are too hard, like metal and aluminum, you can be sure that your vacuum will be very heavy. The best thing to do is look for a mix of good quality plastic and metal.


The material of the hoses is also important because cheaper models tend to end up with hoses not up to any standards. If you get a vacuum where the quality of the hose has been compromised for the sake of the price, be aware that it can break rather easily. Look for vinyl or polyethylene hoses.


Weak brushes tend not to get the job done properly. You can be sure that the cheaper vacuums won’t have as good of a quality as the more expensive models, but that doesn’t mean that the brushes need to be completely useless. You should look for brushes made out of plastic and carbon, and avoid those made from fabric.

Top Picks Best Vacuum Under 200 Dollars

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to see which vacuums are the best ones for under 200 dollars. After all, there are so many on the market, it’s only fair to have a list which makes it easier to see which ones are worth paying attention to.

1. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

The first item on our list might just be the best canister vacuum under 200 dollars. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the elegant design which fits into everyone’s style. And that’s with the implemented anti-allergen technology! This means that the vacuum is able to trap 99.9% of allergens and dust inside it, without any trouble. That’s also possible thanks to the HEPA filter.best vacuum under $200

What’s more, it’s easy to use and not heavy at all. You can even use it in two ways; upright cleaning or lift away cleaning which is suitable for portable cleaning. You’ll be able to clean all the rough spots, too, as all you have to do is press a button which lifts the canister which will allow for more detailed vacuuming.

If you’ve got pets, then this is the vacuum for you. We all know even the cleanest breeds of dogs and cats shed, and this vacuum is perfect for cleaning up all the hair.  Even dander isn’t a challenge for it, as it cleans it from every surface easily.

Let’s not forget how comfortable it is to hold and maneuver this vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the advanced swivel, all the stiffed movement has been removed, and now you can vacuum your house in no time. On top of that, the vacuum also has a neat little detail- the LED lights!

If you’d like to buy this as a present for someone, you’ll be happy to know that it’s even gift-wrap available.

  • Advanced anti-allergen technology.
  • Ideal for picking up pet hair.
  • Great and slick design.
  • Easy to use and storage.
  • Support two functions.
  • Can reach difficult places.
  • LED lights are a nice detail.
  • Gift-wrap available.
  • Not as durable as it could be.
  • The roller brush can stop working too quickly.
  • Shark’s customer service could be better.

Though this vacuum cleaner has some issues with durability, it’s still strong and reliable if you use it properly. As far as the other issues are concerned, the customer service won’t let you down. For the price, the vacuum offers great value. Check out this product from here

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum

Another canister vacuum from Shark, but this time it has a different specialty. The elegant and slick design has also been altered a little, without any compromise when it comes to looks. The vacuum fits in any hand easily and is extremely lightweight which makes it suitable for a quick and effortless clean. Unlike its colleague which picks up hairs like it’s nothing, this vacuum is ideal for bare floors. If you’ve ever lived in a house with no carpets, you know how easily dirt gets stuck to bare surfaces. And if you haven’t, well you can always assume.best vacuum cleaner under $200

All that dust and dirt picked up from the bare floors will be safely stored inside the vacuum cleaner, thanks to the anti-allergen technology and HEPA filter. We’ve mentioned that this is a very lightweight vacuum, but don’t let that full you, it’s still very strong.

On top of that, you can also press one button for the canister to lift away, and then reach all those pesky places which are always left dirty. The fact that it’s ideal for bare surfaces doesn’t stop it from performing a deep clean on carpets thanks to the brush it has.

It’s also very annoying when you have to get other necessary tools for your vacuum separately, or even worse when it doesn’t support those tools. That’s why this best vacuum under 200 comes with everything you’ll need for a spotless house. Alongside with it, you’ll find a dusting brush, hard floor hero, pet power brush, and an 8-inch crevice tool.

  • Very elegant and sophisticated design.
  • Equipped with anti-allergen technology and a HEPA filter.
  • Comes with all the features you’ll need.
  • Lightweight (13.7 lbs) and easily portable vacuum.
  • Very powerful suction.
  • Ideal for hard floors and carpets.
  • Great quality build.
  • The brush can get clogged up with hair too quickly.

As you can see this is a powerful vacuum with a lot to offer. The brush might get clogged too quickly, but the important thing is that it continues working fine after you’ve cleaned the hair. Overall amazing value for that price. To buy it from here

3. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

The canister vacuum cleaners are great, but have you noticed how much space they take up for storage? And they’re pretty inconvenient when it comes to the corners and surfaces under the furniture. That’s why Oreck has solved these issues by making their canister vacuum smaller and narrower. With only a 12 inch wide path, this vacuum is sure to reach all of those places which give you nightmares.Oreck Commercial XL Commercial Upright Vacuum

Don’t think that the size makes it any less easy to use. The helping hand handle is there for anyone’s convenience. In fact, the vacuum has been designed so that even people with arthritis have no trouble using it. For even more convenience, the on/off switch is located on the top of it.

Thanks to the automatic floor adjustment feature, the vacuum will effortlessly switch between surfaces, and you won’t have to manually adjust anything. So if you’re vacuuming the carpet, you’ll just need to continue to the hard floor, without any issues or pauses for adjustment. As well as being ideal for cleaning low pile carpets, this vacuum also picks up hair easily thanks to its powerful brush.

As far as the design is concerned, it’s not as slick as some of its competitors, but it’s in no way an eyesore. It weighs just around 8.2 pounds which means it’s very easy to move it around the place and to clean the apartment without any hassles.

This just may be the best bagged vacuum under 200, as even the power is always kept at a maximum. Yes, even when the bag is being filled or is full. Due to the convenient placing of the bag at the top of the vacuum, cleanup is very simple and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Smaller for better storage.
  • Narrower for hard to reach places.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to use and cleanup.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Great quality brush.
  • Power always at maximum.
  • Convenient on/off switch placement.
  • Not as durable as expected.
  • Handle can be too weak.

Overall, this vacuum has a lot to offer. Sometimes it can die too quickly, and the handle can break if you’re not gentle. If these issues occur, you can simply call Oreck with your warranty, and they will solve your issues. See latest price now.

4. Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum

Cheaper vacuums are usually good for only one kind of floor, and then it’s kind of useless to spend even that small amount of money on them. That’s why we’re dealing with a multi-floor vacuum which can tackle any surface with no issues. There’s even a brush which can be turned off and on. Though that sounds like a useless feature, it actually comes quite in handy. When you’re cleaning the carpets, simply turn the brush on for optimal cleansing, and when you switch to hard floors, turn it off to avoid scratching.best robot vacuum under 200

Hoover WindTunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum is equipped with advanced technology which allows it to pick up any unpleasant odors. What’s more, it’s hypoallergenic and has HEPA filters, making it safe for the whole family and convenient if you have pets.

The most annoying part about vacuuming is having to put the cord back into place on your own. This can cause all sorts of hassles because you’ll have to be careful about it and it will take up unnecessary time. That’s why this vacuum has a self-retractable cord. All you have to do is press a button, and the cord will retract itself in a matter of seconds.

There are some places in our houses which are almost impossible to reach, or at least, they were. Now that this Hoover bagless vacuum with an extended cleaning reach feature exists, no surface is left dirty. You can extend up to 16 feet, which means that you will never have to worry about leaving anything dirty again!

  • Good for multiple surfaces.
  • Brush on/off feature.
  • Has a self-retracting cord.
  • 25 feet power cord.
  • Equipped with advanced technology.
  • Extended reach possibility.
  • Perfect and safe for pets.
  • Comes with convenient tools.
  • Consistent and powerful suction.
  • A bit heavy.
  • Suitable only for floors.

Even though the vacuum offers great value for its price, it’s not very suitable for surfaces other than floors. It does the job very well, but it’s kind of uncomfortable cleaning steps with it, for example. Click here to buy this product

5. Dibea C17 Cordless 2 in 1 Lightweight Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner for stairs and pet hair which you’ll be able to pick up with one hand and clean other things than the floor with, then you should pay close attention to number five on our list. This is a cordless vacuum cleaner which weighs only around 5 pounds, making it perfect for cleaning everything you can’t with a normal vacuum.best canister vacuum under 200

It even has two suction options to accommodate different surfaces, and both are equally as effective. The vacuum provides quick and light duty clean ups without any noise. We all know the worst part about vacuums is the loud noise they make while they’re turned on. But noise is a thing of the past with this product’s as it’s been equipped with noise control technology.

What’s more, you can even switch between a stick vacuum and a hand held one, with just one press of a button. And since its cordless, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up or not being able to reach something. The battery is decent too, and the vacuum will have power for around half an hour of consistent cleaning. If you set it on “eco” mode, you’ll be able to save some more energy before it’s time to put it away. As far as recharging is concerned, the vacuum comes with a matching wall charging bracket.

Thanks to the size and retractable feature, storage is also very easy. And on top of all that, it comes with a crevice tool which is perfect for cleaning upholstery, cars, and stairs. With all that in mind, this just might be the best bagless vacuum under 150 dollars with cool features.

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Cordless and easy to charge.
  • Good battery life.
  • Can be made into a hand held vacuum.
  • Perfect for hard to reach places.
  • Comes with a crevice tool.
  • Easy to maneuver and use.
  • Two suction modes.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Can be fragile.

Considering what a bargain this vacuum is, it does the job great. All you have to do is be gentle with handling it, and it’s sure to last a long time. Buy it from here

6. Bissell 9595A CleanView Bagless Vacuum with OnePass

For those looking for a quick cleanup with a decent vacuum, the Bissell has proven to be just that; convenient for quick clean ups and fast and diligent. Part of the reason why it cleans almost everything on the first pass is the new and improved brush. This brush is able to rotate into the carpet more, and thereby clean everything more deeply even on the initial pass. The design is also very easy to the eye, and rather practical.best bagged vacuum under 200

To ensure the suction stays powerful even after a long period of time, the vacuum is equipped with a cyclonic system. The system, as well as some other features, makes it easy to clean the tank. There’s an easy empty option, followed by the filtration which ensures a spotless vacuum. Let’s not forget the washable foam tank filter.

The vacuums are usually used for cleaning just the floors. But who’s to say that you can’t clean stairs and upholstery with them? In fact, it’s preferable if you do. That’s why this vacuum comes with a turbo brush which is perfect for cleaning surfaces other than floors, as it is smaller and more convenient to use. Not to mention for powerful it is. This just proves how much you’re getting for such a measly price. Nobody said that great vacuums needed to cost a fortune.

There are some issues which can occur if you do not install and use the vacuum properly, but all of these can be avoided if you read the user manual provided. Here another Bissell vacuum cleaner that you can also use for your home cleaning.

  • Elegant and practical design.
  • Great quality suction.
  • Solidly constructed.
  • Many features to make cleanup easier.
  • Convenient for hard to reach places.
  • Comes with a turbo brush.
  • Easy storage.
  • Suction doesn’t give after a long period of time.
  • Poor placement of on/off button

As you can see this is a great vacuum considering its price. The problem with the on/off button is solved easily after a few times because you’ll get used to its placement. To buy this one, Click here now.

7. Panasonic MC-UG471 Bag Upright Vacuum Cleaner – Corded

Panasonic is one of the most trustworthy brands out there due to the long years of service in many fields. Their vacuums are no exception.  The one at hand is a swanky red standing vacuum, capable of great things. It was made from plastic and metal, which ensures its endurance and durability but also contributes to the lightweight aspect of the product. Testifying its quality is the fact that this vacuum is imported. Speaking of durability, this vacuum has a shield which protects the fan and motor from any dust, ensuring that it’s up and running for a long, long time.best bagless vacuum under 150

Even though it seems small, the vacuum is in no way weak. It has a powerful motor of 12 amps which lets it clean consistently and effectively. As far as the cord is concerned, it’s long enough so you can comfortably clean the room, and it’s able to retract itself back into the vacuum with one push of the button.

This is great because you’ll never have to deal with such a pesky task again. If you’re looking for a vacuum which can clean floor areas without any hassle, then you should definitely take a closer look at this best vacuum under 200 dollars. Thanks to the 14 inch cleaning path, it’s able to reach every dirty corner.

The vacuum comes with some other tools to help you clean everything thoroughly and without too much trouble. What’s more, it maintains a clean indoor environment thanks to the HEPA filters, which help keep all the dirt inside the vacuum.

  • Very beautiful design with a nice color.
  • Has a cord which can retract itself.
  • Good for hard to reach places.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Great protection system ensuring durability.
  • Effective HEPA filters.
  • Easy cleanup and storage.
  • Various tools included.
  • Could be more adjustment features.

This vacuum is very nice and durable, and it will clean your surfaces rather sufficiently, but it could use more customizable features. Good for those looking for a stable and unchanging solution. Buy this product from here

8. Eureka FloorRover Versatile Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

In today’s age, people tend to have a lot of furniture. And that’s by no means a bad thing; it just makes it a little harder to vacuum. If you have an improper vacuum, that is. That’s why the Eureka FloorRover exists. It has a nicely developed swivel which makes it easy to maneuver around all sorts of furniture. best bagless vacuum under 100

This means that you can just take your vacuum cleaner and easily pick up all the dirt around your chairs, couch, bed, regardless of how many curves you’ll have to make. What’s more, the vacuum is also able to handle all sorts of different surfaces. This is, of course, thanks to the Easy glide Big wheel technology.

But this vacuum can handle more than just floors. It comes with a 16-inch crevice, soft dusting brush, a turbo brush, and an upholstery tool, which makes it ideal for all sorts of other surfaces, like stairs, cars, and upholstery.

The HEPA filters help contain all the dirt inside the vacuum. This is important because it means your living area will stay dirt free even after you vacuum. As far as disposal of the dirt is concerned, the vacuum has a dust cup which can just be removed and emptied before its set into its place again.

There’s a prejudice that vacuum cleaners make lousy gifts, but there are certain occasions when it’s okay to give someone a vacuum. Or you can just surprise that friend with a broken vacuum. This is why Amazon decided to make this products gift-wrap available.

  • Suitable for all kinds of floors.
  • Able to handle stairs, upholstery, and cars.
  • Great swivel which makes it easy to maneuver.
  • Comes with various tools.
  • Effective and helpful HEPA filters.
  • Gift-wrap available.
  • Very durable vacuum.
  • Elegant and robust design.
  • A bit heavy.

As you can tell from this brief review, this vacuum is everything you’ll need while you’re shopping on a budget. The fact that it’s a bit heavy won’t take away from its quality. Here to buy it

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. That would be it for this article. We’ve covered the best vacuum under 200 dollars, answered if it was possible to find one, and our short buying guide will tell you basically everything you need to know. So read carefully and apply the necessary steps, then opt for one of the great vacuums we’ve mentioned here, and you should have a spotless house in no time! All that without a high price.

We know that vacuuming can be a boring chore which takes a lot of your time. What with the moving all the furniture and getting the hard-to-get spots, and all the noise, it just might be the most annoying chore there is. That doesn’t lessen its importance, though.

To no avail, with a great vacuum cleaner which didn’t cost a fortune, even this chore becomes bearable! You’ll see that once you get your vacuum. Happy cleaning!

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