Best Weight Bench Reviews of 2018: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


We all know that a gym isn't complete without the best weight bench. Are you looking to and fro to complete your home gym? Or upgrade your current one to something more solid now with the adjustable weight bench? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place.

An adjustable weight bench is a vital piece of equipment for exercise since it gives you an abundance of options for working out and to target all muscles of your body. You can use them for multiple purposes with cages, dumbbells, power racks and other attachments for a full body work out. Hence, it’s important to choose the perfect one for your body and muscles building in the best way.

But it’s no easy task for anyone to pick the best weight bench among lots of products in the market since every year all the companies are manufacturing more and more brand new weight benches. Besides, all of the manufacturer companies promise to design a product with the best and high standard quality. But it’s a matter of regret that most of them fail. I have to help to find the best weight bench on the market. All you need to do is just go through the review.

Top 10 Best Weight Bench Reviews

If you are looking the top rated weight benches for fitness, here our reviews will help you to find the best one.




Our Rating


Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Bowflex Selectech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

300 lbs

Check prices
Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench

750 lbs

Check prices
Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

800 lbs

Check prices
XMark Adjustable FID Weight Benc

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench

1500 lbs

Check prices
Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB670

300 lbs

Check prices
Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Benc

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

275 lbs

Check prices
Body-Solid Powerline Flat

Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench

300 lbs

Check prices
Marcy Pro CB-729 Weight Bench

Marcy Pro CB-729 Competitor Olympic Bench

600 lbs

Check prices
Best Fitness Olympic Bench

Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer

300 lbs

Check prices
Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

Marcy Utility Flat Bench

300 lbs

Check prices

1. Bowflex Selectech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Introducing you to the Bowflex Selectech 5.1 Adjustable Bench, which is a great option for anyone who wants a sturdy, adjustable and reliable weight bench. Although it looks almost similar to Bowflex Selectech 5.1, but the look is identical since the 5.1 has a few more angles and positions. It’s also a little heavier, but here it’s a blessing for you because that means you won’t have any concern about the instability and wobbles while working with it.

The rating of this weight bench is just awesome, and it’s one of the best weight benches on the market. The best weight bench frame is made of commercial quality steel. Hence it’s a heavy duty bench and made to last forever. BowflexSelectech is adjustable to 6 different positions that include a 90-degree incline, 60-degree incline, 45-degree incline, 30-degree incline and a flat 17-degree decline. Besides, you can lock these settings securely.

This adjustable bench series of BlowflexSelectech series 5.1 comes with 30 different training options, and hence it cares all about your muscle building needs. Detachable leg brace can provide extra support, and the built-in transport wheels enable an easy relocation if necessary. Unlikely most of the other products it offers a removable leg attachment so that you can have extra support for the decline positions.


  • Helps to ensure correct exercise execution.
  • Allows a broad range of exercises.
  • Maximizes the effectiveness and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • You can finish the workout with this product faster.


  • Although this is a very sturdy bench, short people may have the problem while working with it, since it’s a bit long.
  • There’s a gap between the seat and backrest that may be larger than how you like it.


Despite a few minor drawbacks this is still the sturdiest and the most reliable bench. Besides, it’s built to last and has a plenty of work out options that can really satisfy you. Moreover the price is also reasonable for such a product that will last with you forever.

2. Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench

Every year more and more new exercise products are arriving in the market today, and they all promise to ensure the better quality. If you are looking for a utility bench with free weight and the most flexibility then the Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench is a must to check. It provides great workouts such as leg curls, leg lifts, military presses and chest presses in comfort of your home. It's all exciting features, and the high quality of this product has convinced us to keep it in the top of the list.

Let’s have a closer look at the summarized feature of Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench. First of all, what pleased us about the Body Champ BCB3780 is, it’s wide range of accessories and upgrade opportunities. The freestanding uprights provide a walk-in squat capability.

To take your workout experience to a new level, it offers incline, flat, decline and military positions with adjustable backrest. Also, it’s compatible with Olympic weight sets which are sold separately. Hence, this product is more user-friendly. Body Champ BCB3780 Olympic Weight Bench comes with high-density foam cushions and rollers that help ensure your comfort. Luckily, it offers a nonpinch grip and safety hook that provides safety while working out.


  • It supports up to 300 Ib weight sets.
  • You can enjoy a full body workout with this single weight bench.
  • Superior support along with optimal stability and performance.
  • Five adjustable positions for maximum versatility.


  • Some users found the curl attachments to seat at odd angles.
  • There is also a complaint about the fabric used in this product.


In the bottom line, there’s actually nothing much to think of this best weight bench if you want to have a fit body along with decreasing the weight in a few days. As far we know this is the best weight bench for anyone and it worth every penny of your money. Hence it’s a good buy for you, and I hope you might agree with me.

3. Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

If you want to bring your everyday strength training into the fold then might read this review of Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench. This versatile bench provides the foundation for a solid strength training program for dumbbell and barbell exercise. No other piece of equipment provides so much exercise versatility as this flat, incline and decline bench. So, let’s know what this amazing product does a feature for you.

Body solid bench comes up multiple starting positions that easily adjust from a 10-degree negative decline to 70-degree positive incline. Multiple flat, as well as incline adjustments along with adjustable uprights, offers you a well-rounded chest workout. The safety pins and bolts allow you for an easy adjustment, disassembly or a permanent set up.

Including a leg curl developer, this product is designed to fit for both six and seven feet bars. Unlikely most of the other benches it comes with a folding and space saving design whereas others consume a lot of space in your room.


  • It accommodates user up to 400 pounds.
  • Greater freedom of motion in your shoulder and back.
  • Seven adjustment positions make it more versatile to use.
  • Adds extra back support to remove the pain on your lumber side.


  • Some users complained that the design is poor as a folding bench.
  • The folding leg arrangement is another matter of concern. You may find it a bit unimaginative.


Finally, ignoring the drawbacks this is really a useful product and as the name implies it’s the best fitness folding bench ever made. This fitness bench meets all the requirements and comes with the solid construction that ensures to go with you for years. I wish I had a bench like this. Hence, get a Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench and less your weight, consuming a few space in your room.

4. XMark Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench

For the price and quality of the bench, the XMark XM-7630 is a great upgrade or a first purchase for anyone. The best feature of this product right off the bat id that this bench can be used not only for incline exercises but also for declines. Moreover, this adjustable bench is exactly what you want to see at a gym. Three seat adjustments, seven adjustable backrest angles, sturdy heck and having an amazing capacity of 1500 pounds made it the unique weight bench ever. That’s why it’s on our top list of best weight benches in the market. Let’s go underway and have a closer look.

Competitor Olympic Bench

What’s the most important feature of this product is the seven different adjustment angles. Hence, this declines right up to military and makes you well equipped for all your weight training exercises. It has 3 Seat position with Pop-in Adjustment The seat caution is ergonomically designed. This has 3 positions with pop-pin adjustments and ensures the greatest support and comfort during training.

It has a commercial grade construction with the baked powder coating that protects it from having scratch and rust. Backrest and seat cautions are double stitched Duraguard vinyl which means that it darns near tear resistance. Also comes up with a touch-up paint. Hence, you can keep it looking brand new at any point in case you need to give it a quick revamp.


  • Excellent quality materials.
  • Having a wide range of positions.
  • Ideal for exercises such as power sit-ups.
  • Very trusted and reliable bench for weight training at your home.


  • Being honest it’s a bit hard to fault this bench.
  • Some users criticized that there is no specific handle and it to be bulky and heavier.


I made a research on the weight benches and found it a perfect one if you intend for lifting heavy weights although it has some drawbacks. Moreover, it has a high capacity of accommodation and sturdy enough to last for a long time. Besides, there is enough variety to keep any weight training challenging and especially with the decline angle of twenty degrees. Although it costs a bit higher than some other similar category product, you are going to enjoy the benefit in the long run.

5. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB670

The Marcy Adjustable Utility– SB670 is one of the most popular and best weight benches available due to its quality including some features to make your home workouts more effective. This best weight bench is designed primarily for dumbbell workouts. The bench can support a variety of upper body exercises targeting all major muscles of your body.

This utility bench provides a seat that adjusts to 3 positions itself and supports you in every angle. This is a big plus point of this product since most of the products miss it. Including a decline position, it has 6 different angles for the backrest. So, you’ll find everything you need for an incline presses, chest and decline presses with it.

Another exception to this product is you can fold it fully flat for storage and hence it’s perfect for even a small place to exercise. Top grade and high-density foam support and comforts during training and reduce muscle fatigue. It also offers transport wheels along with a handle grip for easy moving in and out of position.


  • Attached transport handle makes it easy to move around.
  • It provides useful numbers of incline settings.
  • Thick and comfortable for padding.
  • Doesn't consume much more space like others.
  • It offers a high level of stability.


  • It provides no padded rollers to wrap the legs around, and you may find it difficult to remain stationary during exercise.
  • Some customers opined that the seat welds weren't so neat.


Bring your home gym workout a new workout experience with this Marcy Adjustable Utility– SB670 adjustable utility bench. With the 6 position design, this versatile bench offers you focus any of your muscle exercise you desire. Moreover, your dream of having a fit body with strong muscles comes true with this versatile bench. It’s still the most sold product and the best weight bench on the market. Hence, if you look at an adjustable utility bench for your home exercise, it’s a must to consider.

6. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is a great choice for anyone who looks for a workout on both upper and lower body development in the home. With the included safety measures and every accessory you could ask for, this weight bench can satisfy you on so many levels.

The variety of ways it offers to bench and workout the pectoral muscles is just incredible! Besides, with this Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench, you can experience to work on a large multiple and variety incline, decline and flat military positions.

The Olympic adapter may be the feature of a weight bench that you weren’t previously familiar with. This key component allows you to use and store either Olympic or standard set of weights. It comes with an adjustable dual action leg developer that mainly allows you to work on your quads and hamstrings by doing leg and curl extensions.

This product offers 7 adjustable backrest positions. Hence, this bench has a wide range of versatility and multiple positions to choose from. There are preacher curls on the top of the dual leg developer that includes attachable accessories and allows exercise your biceps by using your own set of weight plates. Most importantly, Body champ Olympic weight bench ensures the necessary safety precautions such as no pinch design and built-in safety hooks.


  • Compatible with the majority of people.
  • A wide number of accessories.
  • Multifunction and flexible body structure.
  • Top-notch quality along with the supreme durability.
  • Safe to use and a heavy duty quality.


  • Since it has a strong and sturdy structure as mentioned previously, the weight is a bit high.
  • Besides, the price is also a matter of concern since it’s a little costly.


Regarding which weight set you to buy, you have so many options since there is plenty of body set products. But which one you decide or choose is totally up to you depending on how much weight you plan for lifting. If you’re here for more professional and heavy-duty product, then we should obviously recommend you this item.

7. Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench

The next item in our list is the Body-Solid Powerline Folding bench. The most important fact about this best weight bench is that it’s been making high-quality exercise equipment and strength training over 20 years. This machine features a distinctive styling along with an innovative technology that suits your home. Moreover, meeting the challenges of today’s busy lifestyle and providing you the utmost advanced home exercise it’s the best weight bench made ever.

This Body-Solid power-line provides you amazing features at such price you can afford. The first thing about this product is that this is a multipurpose incline and decline bench which is perfect for your dumbbell and barbell training. It comes with seven easy to adjust positions that offer flexibility and comfort. Hence the workout satisfies your needs completely.

For an easy and smooth movement, this product offers transport wheels that allow you to move it from here to there comfortably. It features innovative technology and distinctive styling that is perfectly suitable for your home. Another most important feature of this product is that the Body-Solid Powerline supports shoulder presses, crunches, chest presses and many more angles of exercise to give your body a perfect shape.


  • For the price, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.
  • Easily folds up and this is great when you live in a small apartment.
  • Multiple adjustable positions made it easy perform a variety of exercise.
  • Easy to store and assemble.


  • A couple of users said that the padding wasn't so much comfortable.
  • Very few customers complained that the adjustable positions were less stable at certain levels.


After going through all the previous lines, I think it’s hard to criticize this product for any shortcoming. After all, it’s a great weight bench option for the price. If anyone is a beginner athlete and trying to decide whether you are going to get into weight training, then you might go for this bench. Hence it would be good if you find a Body-Solid Powerline in your area. I hope, you might find out it to be the thing you were looking for.

8. Marcy Pro CB-729 Competitor Olympic Bench

The Competitor Olympic Bench is a great exercise-equipment for anyone who wants to get a fit body within a few weeks by working out in the home. This is made of heavy-duty steel tube frame. Besides, it allows different back pad positions so that you can develop all your pictorial muscles. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 600 Ibs, and the high-density foam along with high density boxed upholstery ensures comfort while working out.

All on above, it maximizes your workout time and optimizes safety. So, let’s know what this amazing product features. Competitor Olympic Bench comes with a multi-position back pad that adjusts to multiple exercise positions. This is the versatility of this product. It also offers adjustable height crutches as well as pop pin knobs. That’s why it is suitable for anyone who wants to exercise.

Heavy duty steel tube frame along with the durable powder coated finish makes it strong, sturdy and hence it's durable. Dual function leg developer provides enough strength for your muscles to develop their functionality. For easy adjustment, it provides independently crutches, and multiple adjust positions for an intense upper body workout.


  • Accepts Olympic size weight plates.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Providing a great weight capacity.
  • Comfortable and high-density foam rollers and pads.


  • The leg extension portion isn't removable easily.
  • A couple of customers complained to feel it wobbly. To avoid this, you have to add extra weights when the bar is above 7 feet high.


Most importantly, the Competitor Olympic Weight Bench is a great product for its price. And being honest, it worth every penny of it. I used one of these products, and overall the quality was not bad. In fact, the best weight bench gives you total comfort while exercising. So, expand your routine and build your strength as well as arms and legs muscles with this multifunction weight bench.

9. Best Fitness Olympic Bench with Leg Developer

The Best Fitness Olympic Bench was built specially for a productive and comprehensive chest workout. It provides multiple incline and flat adjustments. Besides, it includes upright posts and stands horizontally 15 inches above from the ground. For space saving convenience it offers a fold up design and works with the specialized multi-press rack. The high-quality construction comes with black upholstery and champagne colored steel frame for high sturdiness.

If you are in the market for a high-quality weight bench with an affordable price then definitely it would be a good choice for you. Now, I’m going to tell you the most important features of this product. The first feature of this product to mention is the extra wide heavy duty pack as well as oversized foam rollers and six adjustments on the press arm. This feature makes it unique from other products.

Best Fitness Olympic Bench always puts you in position for a well-rounded workout, especially for chest workouts. The folding option is another uncommon feature of this product. And unlikely most other products it fits with any space-challenged room for the cornerstone of any weight training equipment. It also features attached leg developer with a standard plate holder. This helps to build up your muscle with the tension of chest and legs.


  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Fold up storage design for space saving convenience.
  • Multiple inclines and flat adjustments for chest exercise.
  • Ergonomically engineered to make it an ideal companion for the best fitness.


  • Some users found it a bit tougher to assemble, but once assembles you would get the proper benefit from it.
  • Many of them complained about the space between the seat and back. They said that it wasn't comfortable.


Joining in a health center can be time-consuming and a bit expensive too. But fortunately, you have a chance to achieve measurable benefits for your overall health by committing a regular fitness regimen in the convenience of your own home with this Best Fitness Olympic Bench. You can build a strong full chest and upper pectoral muscle areas alone, now. And hence in spite of having some shortcomings, it’s still the best weight bench. I’m sure that you need this product and want to have a better workout experience with it.

10. Marcy Utility Flat Bench

If you look for a simple nut sturdy and effective bench for your regular exercise in your home, then the Marcy Utility Flat is a product to consider. The manufacturer made it with the sturdiest steel tubing which provides it a high degree of stability and rigidity obviously not adding too much weight. Additionally, this Marcy Utility features a high quality boxed construction along with foam and vinyl for padding and comfort.

Besides, it has an extra large backboard to add back support when you need. You can also use it for arm flies, curls, crunches and much more. This Marcy Bench is built with a sturdy 14 gauge steel tube frame and extra hard construction to give it extreme durability. It’s also popular for its durability.

Boxed construction with the high-density foam and vinyl ensures the comfort while you workout with this weight bench. The extra large backboard provides you extra support while doing arm curls, crunches and files. Foam padding offers increased support while you’re sitting or lying down. Also, this is a compact flat bench which is perfect for abs, backs and free weight exercises.


  • It can be used for both gym and home exercise.
  • Provides a stable platform for the back.
  • Accommodates users up to 300 Ibs.
  • Extra strength and durability.


  • Some people complained it to be a bit wobbly.
  • A few users complained to feel pain in their back while exercising.


Finally, this Marcy Utility Flat is a multipurpose utility flat bench that allows you perform various exercises within a compact space. And that’s the reason why most of the people are so crazy about this product. The rating of this best weight bench in all online sites will say you how much this product is popular still. This is one of the best flat utility benches you will ever find in the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Weight Bench

So, in this section, we will give you a hand to help you determine what exactly you want regarding a weight bench. To find the best weight bench as your desire, help yourself with the answers to these two questions-

  • How is the place on which you are going have an exercise?
  • What’s the experience level of the person for whom the weight bench is being purchased?

Finally, these two answers will sort out the cars you should be looking into help you chose the best one from the shortlist. If you have the answers in mind already, here are the other factors that you need to consider while buying the best weight bench for fitness.

Adjustability and Weight Capacity

This is the first and most important fact to consider before you’re buying a brand new weight bench. The best adjustable weight benches always offer at least 4 to 6 preset positions. The reason for checking the adjust-ability and weight capacity is that it helps you to have a broad range of workouts with multiple positions as you want as well as target different muscles efficiently.

Hence check how much weight it can accommodate and must go for a bench that can hold up your weight and everything you want to use for lifting.

Style of the Weight Bench

Many of the users used to think that a weight bench is just a weight bench after all hence the style of it are no factor. But I’m telling you in some cases such as for the serious users it’s the most important thing to consider. Besides, Weight benches have two categories utility benches and benches with racks.

Now, the utility bench doesn't come up of racks, and they are adjustable for most of the times. But they aren't recommended for heavy lifters. On the other hand, the benches with racks can be. Besides, choosing a weight bench depends on how the user is going to use it. Find the answer and will get closer to your buy.

Space & Upholstery

Nowadays the modern weight benches don’t require too much space in your room since you can store them out of sight easily. Just fold them up, when they aren't in use. Thus you can save your floor space for some other important things. Hence, this is an important factor if you want to use it in the home.

Another thing to mention is that the portability of weight bench that helps you to move here and there. If you intend for home exercise, it’s a must to consider.

Price Vs Quality

The price is the last thing before buying a weight bench or any other gym equipment. The weight bench you are going to buy must look sturdy and well balanced. Never compromise with the quality of the price. A weight bench may be costly, but in the long run, it saves your money. So, buy a weight bench that worth every penny and goes with you forever.

Final Verdict

Whether you aim to develop your muscle or increase strength as well as endurance a high-quality weight bench is a must for your gym workouts. If you are in the market for the best weight bench or feeling confused about which product to choose, I hope, our review will help you a lot and remove all your confusions.

Finally, from our best weight bench reviews, no matter which product you have in your mind, we would suggest it look at your personal preferences. But I would like to tell you to remember the buying guideline section to choose the perfect one. Afterward, this selection of your best weight bench can take your experience of working out to the next level.

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