Home Floor Care Bissell Powerforce Compact Reviews: A Buyer’s Guide

Bissell Powerforce Compact Reviews: A Buyer’s Guide


Looking for a versatile vacuum? As we all have to maintain a hectic schedule, so a compact cleaner is a big relief. Well, our Bissell powerforce compact reviews will for help them who are looking a quality vacuum cleaner at an affordable price. On the other hand, BISSELL is a trustworthy family-run company and produce home care product for five generations. However, by the standards, it’s quite difficult to beat BISSELL quality. Thus, Bissell Powerforce Compact Bagless Vacuum 1520 is one of the classic products of their home care item.

Besides this, Bissell Powerforce Compact comes with some amazing feature and benefit that makes it far ahead of the rest of the other vacuum in the market. Consequently, in this article, we have discussed the feature in detail. Also, we added some alternative product for you. So at the end of the article, you will have a clear idea about this vacuum. So let’s start.

For Whom Bissell Powerforce Compact Vacuum Designed

BISSELL PowerForce Compact Vacuum is a multi-surface cleaner with plenty of onboard accessories. So it will be a perfect tool to clean deep down, despite everything of the surface. However, it’s a versatile vacuum cleans bare floor, carpets, upholstery, and stairwells. As mention earlier, it comes with multi on-board tools including a dusting brush, stretch hose, high-reach extension bar and crevice tool. As a result, this vacuum can clean drapes, stairs and above-floor areas easily.Bissell Powerforce Compact Reviews

Bissell Powerforce Compact Specs:

  • Color: Blue
  • Power cord: 18.”
  • Cleaning path: 5.”
  • Surface: Multi-surface
  • Product weight: Less than 8 pound
  • Vacuum type: Upright vacuum
  • Vacuum Dimensions: 41 x 10 x 11 Inches

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Top Features and Benefits of Bissell Powerforce Compact Vacuum

Bissell Powerforce Compact Reviews will be incomplete without mentioning its features and benefits. Its pretty obvious you want to make sure the vacuum cleaner has all required feature, the right proportion of washable filter, energy efficiency. The company Bissell never compromise with the quality. So far, we can’t find any major complaint on this vacuum cleaner. So take a look at some important features of this cleaner-

Multi-Surface Cleaner

The first noteworthy feature of this vacuum is it’s a multi-surface tool. As it comes with different tools so it can perform multi-task. Bissell Powerforce Compact Vacuum works well just on the carpet as wood floor and tiles. It can tackle the problem of dust, pet hair and everyday messes.

Compact And Upright Vacuum

The next feature we like to mention, it’s an upright, compact vacuum. Generally speaking, an upright vacuum is a unit which consists of suction head and motor. Most of the typical vacuums we see are the upright vacuum. The best thing about the upright vacuum is that you can easily empty the dirtbag or cups. Though most of the upright vacuums are bulky, this Bissell Powerforce Compact Bagless Vacuum is quite lightweight. So it is easy to move and use.

Washable Filters

More than anything, Bissell Powerforce Compact Vacuum comes with washable filters. As we can imagine and understand, how much dirt and waste it have to absorb every day. So if the vacuum’s filters are washable, it will be great to reuse it.  You can easily wash the filters and reuse it as well. The process of wash this vacuum is pretty simple. To clean it, first, remove the filter. Then tap all to lose the dirt. At this time, rinse the filter’s outside with lukewarm and running water.

Multi-Layer Filtration

More than anything, this vacuum comes with multi-layer filtration. Unlike the cleaner with the bag, this bagless vacuum comes with the plastic dustbin. This dustbin collects the debris and dirt. In simple word, the primary filter made from the plastic container that use to tackle and easy disposal.

Bagless Cyclonic Technology

Being cyclonic technology, this Bissell Powerforce Compact Vacuum is far better from rest of the other vacuum cleaner on the market. This advanced feature works well for catch the dirt inside the cleaner’s canister as well as separate it from the air. A cyclonic system won’t clog easily.

  • Maneuverable
  • Easy to clean
  • It ensures deep cleaning
  • Price range is extremely affordable.
  • The vacuum is pretty lightweight, just less than 10 pound
  • Dirt collecting system of this vacuum is Visible, so if some unwanted stuff trapped, you collect.
  • It is more hands- on.
  • As the filters have to clean manually, it may Exposure to asthma or Allergens.

Alternative or Similar Products

If you feel the Bissell Powerforce Compact Bagless Vacuum won’t meet all your expectations, then you can try some other vacuum in your budget. Hopefully, these will be handy useful for you.

1. Black+Decker Upright Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best parts of using it, Black+Decker Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes Ergonomic handle that will be durable as well as smooth to grip. The mature technology and 170° swivel steering provide ultimate maneuverability. Check review here.

2. Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are ready to spend some extra money for the quality, you can try Eureka AirSpeed All Floors Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner. More than anything, it is an all surface cleaning that will save your effort and time. Buy this vacuum.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, the Bissell powerforce compact reviews will be helpful for you for your next buy. Thus, the materials used in this vacuum are advanced, efficient, as well as durable at a reasonable price. Moreover, it is a useful and handy tool, so you rely entirely on this to grow your plant.

Unlike the other Bissell vacuum models, there is no need to buy extra accessories to make it work better for cleaning your home. In a word, this vacuum is a compact cleaner. In conclusion, this can be said that the above Bissell vacuum can fulfill your demand and need. To wrap up this review, we highly recommend this Bissell Powerforce Compact vacuum for your home care. We hope enjoyed our review article.

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