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Easy Way to Clean Bathroom Tile Floors


Keeping clean your house does not mean only the cleanliness of your bedrooms or dining room. This includes the cleanliness of your bathroom also. If your bathroom is not washed properly then even you won’t feel easy there. And when your bathroom is not clean then many of the diseases can grow from there. Here are few easy ways to clean bathroom tile floors perfectly.

So, maintaining the hygiene and also for making it looking worthy try to keep washroom clean. But do you know the easy way to clean bathroom tiles?

Well, many of the washing cleaners may not suit tiles floors and you need a proper knowledge on this. Because without knowing when you apply any of those, that may worsen the floor rather than looking great. So, thinking of this, here I am discussing the easy way of cleaning bathroom tiles. Therefore, stay here with me and be the beneficiary!

Easy Way to Clean Bathroom Tile Floors

Ways of cleaning bathroom tile floors

You may become confused by different methods of cleaning or when to apply which method. Yes, sometimes this is so confusing. So here are some instructions for you when to use which one and how. Choose an easy way to clean bathroom tiles from here:

Basic tile cleaning:

  1. First, you need to vacuum the floor every day. Because there may have the presence of dirt, food crumbs or other debris which can grow quickly on tile floors. Again, some dirt or bacteria are so easy to accumulate in tile floors and hard to remove later. So, use vacuum cleaner or sweep before mopping. You can mop the floor with a dry cloth after sweeping.
  2. After using a dry cloth, if the floor requires washing heavily then run a damp mop over it. Take fresh warm water in a bowl or bucket and cleanse the mop in it after one section is done. And apply this to the entire floor. You can add a small amount of cleanser to the water also for better cleaning.
  3. Then you can let your bathroom floor dry or you can leave just as before after mopping. As it’s bathroom floor so drying is not necessary.
  4. Unconsciously any of your family members can drop any dirt on the floor, then remove these as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may become firm over your floor.
  5. If you have any pet it can enter your bathroom and poo there. So, in that case, use a disinfectant with a limit and wipe it. Because strong chemicals may stain tile flooring. It’s the easy way to clean bathroom tiles.

Deep cleaning:

  1. For this, you will need a half cup of baking soda, one-fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon liquid dish soap. After arranging all the elements, mix these thoroughly. Then keep this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your bathroom tile floor. Wait for a little, at least ten minutes and then wipe the floor with a damp sponge.
  2. Take bleach and water and mix these so their proportion is 1:3, it’s an effective solution for cleaning. Like as before after mixing take this solution in a spray bottle and rinse it over your floor. Then after some time wiping the floor with damp cloth or sponge.  Bleach produces fumes so when using it open your doors and windows to prevent the building from this noxious fume. Wear thick rubber gloves when dealing with bleach as it can irritate skin.
  3. Another way of deep cleaning is using ammonia with water. Take ammonia and water in a proportion of 1:2. Fill a spray bottle with this solution and apply on your bathroom tiles. Let it be there for 60 minutes and then wipe the floor with a clean damp cloth. Like bleach, ammonia also exudes fumes. So let your door and windows open when using it. Also, wear thick rubber gloves to protect your skin as ammonia can affect the skin.
  4. An easy way to clean bathroom tiles for deep cleaning is using a steam cleaner. It’s a cleaning machine which cleans floor using steam. Just turn it on and push along the bathroom tiles.

Sometimes you may have to fill it with water before using. Here few top rated toilet systems.

Clean Bathroom Tile Floors

Cleaning grout:

  1. Mix baking soda with water in 1:1 ratio. For a normal bathroom floor, you may take three tablespoons of water and the same amount of baking soda. Take a brush and wipe this paste all over the grout on the floor. Keep it there for some time and then wipe it away with a damp cloth or sponge.
  2. Another way of grout cleaning you can apply is creating salt and vinegar agent. Take one cup of white vinegar, one cup salt, two tablespoons dish soap, one cup hot water. Mix all these together and with a sponge wipe on the grout. After ten minutes, wipe the place using a damp cloth.
  3. Another method is applying bleach over grout. It’s an easy way to clean bathroom tiles. Take a stiff bristled brush and dip it in a bleach. Then scrub the brush over there is grout. Rinse the floor with a clean damp cloth. When working with bleach keep the doors and windows open of your house and wear gloves for safety.

Adopting strategies while cleaning

  1. You may apply your hand or brush when cleaning floor but floor corners are difficult to clean. Use cotton ball in this regard. Whichever cleaner you want to use, soak the cotton ball in it and press into the corner. After several minutes remove it and wipe with a damp cloth.
  2. Coat of car wax can prevent the growth of mildew. So once in a year, you can use this which can give a shine to your bathroom.
  3. Clean floor tile last as you may not have to wipe dust from shelves.

Final verdict

Now you know about the solutions which you can use for cleaning your bathroom floor. And also, which one is efficient at the certain moment for you. So you can keep your bathroom floor neat and clean removing all the tension about this! Choose an easy way to clean bathroom tile floors from here for particular cases and apply this to the bathroom floor. Keep your bathroom neat and clean, also germ and bacteria free.

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