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What Is The Difference Between King And California King?


Have you ever wondered what the difference between King and California King are? It is a major factor when you are buying a mattress for yourself. Often, people fail to understand the need of this. And as a result, they buy the wrong ones. At times, you may see the sales person in the store may not have any idea on the differences. So, it is best that you do your homework first before buying the product. In this article, I gathered the essential point that many of us miss. If you want a comfortable sleep at night, you should read this article.

The Difference Between King And California King

Identifying the difference between King & California King is not difficult. You need to know the particular point to recognize it. Also, both the mattress serve different purposes. In the points below, there are explanations for the major differences.

King And California King

Mattress Measurements

The measure of a King size is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It is broad for which more than two people can sleep comfortably. Say for a couple with their pet or a child may fit into it without any difficulty. This type of mattress is ideal for people who need space while sleeping. Further, if you are a restless sleeper who moves around the bed, then this is an excellent choice. You can twist and turn in the bed without disturbing you partner’s sleep. Since it is a large mattress, you should measure your bedroom before buying it. Otherwise, it may seem congested.

The measurement of a California King size is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. The length of it is long but is smaller in width. This type of mattress is ideal for tall people who are around 6 feet. They do not have to worry about their feet hanging over the ground while they are sleeping. It has enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. But not as much space for any other person. Further, avoid buying this if you are a restless sleeper. It is best for those who like to cuddle.


Another significant difference between King and California is the space. The King size has more room than California King. It is known as the widest bed available in the market. Also, it lets the sleepers enjoy a good night sleep without disturbing each other. Some may feel that they need their space while sleeping. The King size offers you that freedom. Moreover, if you have children, three to four of them can easily fit in it. It may be great in guest rooms. You would not want your guests to sleep on each other. You would rather want them to be comfortable. If you have a broader place, you should buy this mattress.

The California King has lesser space on the sides in comparison to King. But it is longer which means tall people can fit more comfortably. Also, it is known as the longest bed available in the market. There are families with an average height of 6 feet. They will find this mattress more appealing. Also, people who tend to slip down the bed will find this as a great help. They can sleep without sliding down the bed. If you have a narrow room go with this mattress.

King vs California King

Cost Of The Mattress

The price is an important difference between King & California King Mattresses. The King size bed is more available in the market rather than the California King. The price is lesser and affordable by almost everyone. So if you have a tight budget, then you should consider buying it. The California King is not as much available as King size. But the popularity of the mattress is high. So, the price of it is also greater than any other ones. If you have enough budget then only you should go for this.

Weight And Maneuvering Ability

The King size is broader for which it becomes difficult to maneuver around the house. A single person cannot carry it alone. Whereas, the California King is narrower than King size. The size makes it easier for a single individual to move without any difficulty. In comparison to California King, the King size is lighter in weight. So, it becomes simpler to carry up or down the stairs. Also, due to its length, you can move it through narrow spaces.


Another significant difference between King and California King Mattresses is the attachments. Since King size is more available in the market, the accessories related to it is cheaper. You can buy them from any retail store without searching for long. Whether it is a bed sheet, mattress cover, or any other things they are within reach of your hands. If you are looking for sheets, buy the ones that have labels of King size. Others will not fit. But there is nothing to worry about since they are common in any stores. The stores stock more of these in comparison to California King mattress accessories.

California King size is rarer than King size. For this reason, the accessories related to it is harder to find. Stores do not keep much of it for which there is lesser variety to choose. Since it is rare, the price of the accessories is higher than King size ones. When you are buying sheets for this mattress, check the labels for California King.

Final Words

In the end, I would say finding the best mattress for your home might be tricky. You must first understand your need. Then you should match the need with the difference between King and California King mattresses. From there you will figure out what is best for your bedroom. Both the mattresses are equally good. Also, you should consider on the budget since it is a long term investment. You would not want to buy something that is not necessary for your home.

If you ask me, I would suggest California King. I do not like my feet dangling while sleeping and it has enough space for two. Sometimes, I find it difficult when shopping for accessories. But this is not a primary concern. But, my parents bought King size, and they love it. They say it gives them enough space to sleep without disturbing each other. So, it is up to the individual need. Buy the mattress that best suits you and your partner.

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