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Different Types of Toilet Systems: A Quick Guide


How many types of toilets are you acquainted with? Well, people all over the world use different types of toilet systems. Toilet has gone through a huge transition and still modernizing every day. The shape and function vary from region to region as the need and comfort of people also vary.

There are many type of toilet systems that should be know if you want to buy a toilet system for your bathroom. However, if you’re going to install a new toilet in your bathroom, choose one that comforts you most. Also, check the design and pick one that will make your bathroom more stylish.

Types of Toilet Systems

Check our list of different types of toilet below and decide which one you need. According to sitting position, there are two types of toilets.

  1. European water closet
  2. Squatting pan

types of toilet systems

1. European Water Closet (EWC)

Also known as Western Water Closet. Among different types of toilet, it has gained much popularity. This consists of a seat and cover. You have to lift the cover and sit on it. Before flushing it after use, you have to close the cover. The flush tank will be attached to it. It may be either of plastic or ceramic.

A water seal will exist at the bottom of the inlet hole. This will tarp a small amount of water of 50 mm. the sitting height ranges from 500 mm to 550 mm. its weight may vary from 12 to 20 kg. But it must be able to withstand minimum 400 kg of weight without breaking.

Classification of water closet (WC)

According to the shape of the trap, you can classify water closet into two types.

  1. S tarp type
  2. P tarp type

What type of trap your toilet has is important when it’s time to installation. If piping below the ground level is possible, then choose an S type. But if not, then install a P-type on top floors.

According to the visibility of trap way, two types of toilets are possible.

  1. Concealed trap way
  2. Visible Trap way

Concealed trap way type is designed such a way that it won’t be visible but covered. This type is more costly than the visible trap way type.

Again, according to what kind of mounting system it has, water closet can be of two types.

  1. Floor mounts
  2. Wall hung type

You can install the first one on the floor after proving a floor fixing hole. It comes in both S and P trap. And the second one is installed in the wall. But wall mount model is available only in P trap.

The bowl of a toilet is available usually in four types.

  1. Round bowl
  2. Square bowl
  3. Elongated Bowl
  4. Rectangular bowl

Again, there are two types of seat cover- hard close and soft close. If it makes a hard sound when it falls then it’s a hardcover. A softcover falls slowly without making any sound.

Some latest models of WC

1. Smart toilet

It has some unique and smart features. Such as, it has an electronic seat cover and also a remote to set all the functions.

It can play lyrics of a pre-set song as someone approaches near. It can even distinguish between a man and woman. The seat cover opens up automatically as it can sense the human approach by sensors. It has also UV cleaning system and dual flash facility. Also, you can set the pressure and temperature of the water.

2. Rimless Toilet

It’s usually round or oval in shape. This has an easy cleaning process. A small step below the rim makes the flushing effective. Many companies are trying to make it as one piece toilet type. Seems that it has a good place in future market

3. Tornado Toilet

This new addition allows flushing and cleaning simultaneously. The water circles in the closet creating a tornado thus clean the toilet easily. Creating tornado is only possible in round shape toilet.

different types of toilet systems

2. Squatting Pan

This classic type of toilet is widely used in Asian countries like India, Japan, and China. So the pan is also known as Indian/ Orissa/Asian pan. Like the rest of the modern world, EWC is being popular even in these Asian countries for the comfort it offers. So the use of squatting pan is decreasing in spite of being cheaper and healthier than EWC.

You can’t connect the pan directly to the drainage pipe as bad odor will come. So you must use a P trap or S trap to connect the pan to the drain pipe. A water seal within the trap will prevent bad odor.

Types of squatting Pan

The design of squatting pan varies from county to country. Among them, four types are listed below.

  1. Standard
  2. Sleek model
  3. Squatting pan separate footrest.
  4. Squatting Pan without the footrest.

Types of Flush Toilets: Most Popular Toilets System

You know that flush toilets are the most popular now. You should these types of flush toilets that are available on the market. So you can buy the best one. See more in below:

1. One piece toilet

One piece toilet doesn’t have a separate flush tank. Rather the flush tank is attached to the body of the closet. The bowl and the tank together make a single piece. Both the body and the tank are of ceramic. They are fused together such that the leakage problem should be minimum.

The weight of the single piece toilet is more, around 38 to 50 kg. So you can’t install it in wall hung method. Usually, they are available in floor mount type model. Both S trap and P trap are available within this model. But the design is only available on the closed rim. The chance of leakage is very less but the cost is higher than the two piece.

2. Two-piece Toilet

‘Two-piece toilet’ indicates the coupling of a toilet bowl with a ceramic tank by bolts. You can either call it a couple closet. Depending on the design of the toilet, it can weight from 25 kg to 45 kg. This design follows closed rim method that pressurizes the water when you flush it. The price ranges between the price of a normal closet and one piece toilet.

Couple closets are available in both S type and P-type trap. Also, you can install them both wall mount and floor mount.

best flushing toilet

More Type of Toilet Systems

1. Anglo- Indian Type Toilet

It’s a combination of Indian squatting pan and western water closet. Therefore, a plastic seat cover is also provided. Both P and S-trap are possible but available only in floor mount model. For flushing, you must need to attach a separate plastic tank.

2. WC Health

WC health is unique as it’s a combination of squatting pan and water closet comfort health benefit. It’s a product of a turkey based sanitary ware manufacturing company named Guralvit.

Its height varies from 22 cm to 25 cm from the ground.  It’s half of the normal height of the European system water closet. And weight is around 40 kg. The closet has a coating of antibacterial glaze. But To use this toilet, you must squat in it.

3. Kid’s toilet

These are small in size so that kids under 12 can comfortably use it. Both water closet system and squatting pan come in small sizes. Nowadays, seat covers are also available with it so that kids can sit on it.

4. Elderly toilet

These are designed for the older people so they can sit and rise comfortably. The height of the pedestal is kept higher than a normal water closet. The sitting height is usually 70cm.


Mainly modern and classic toilets are the two types of flush toilets. But modern toilets come with different functions and features. In future, some more models of toilets may add to this list. So, after reading the article, you know everything about toilet system that will help to buy the best toilet for your home.

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