Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam Which One Is Better?


Before purchasing a foam mattress you should consider the gel memory foam vs memory foam. Before choosing the foam mattress you should see the comfort first. We see that memory foam is the more popular mattress. But sometimes memory foam mattress is expensive for some customers. The engineers of NASA invent the memory foam.

Gel foam mattress is also comfortable. All the foams have positive and negative sides. If you know about all the factors about the two foams, you can easily decide which one is best for you. Memory foam has three types and they are traditional, gel and plant-based. But the traditional one is the more chosen by the customer thought it is expensive.

Importance of the foam

When we return from our working place, we feel a necessity of a comfortable bed. Sufficient sleep removes all the stress of the day.  To enjoy a sound sleep you need one thing to consider. It is your mattress. The sound quality sleeps mostly depends on your mattress. You will find a lot of variety of mattress on the market. They are different in materials, quality, and price. The mostly known two types are memory foam and get foam mattress. But to find out the right one, you need to know all about some internal or external factors. Then you can choose one perfectly.

Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam

In the case of gel memory foam and memory foam, there are some differences between them. Both are made of with advanced technology. By reading this article, you will be able to understand the difference and the characteristics of traditional memory foam and the get memory foam. Now see the differences:

The two Contenders

Behind choosing a right mattress, there are many factors. The article is about gel memory mattress and memory foam. You can use the memory foam for some decade and is a petroleum-based product. It is the traditional foam and there is a very little change comes on it. On the other hand, gel memory foam is the new addition and it is the combination of gel and the traditional memory foam. In this foam, the gel is used in the foam within the layers. This foam is mostly used in pillows.

Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam


To create memory foam the petrochemical is used. Some of the chemicals are dangerous to the health. The chemical produces bad odor which is also discomfort. Gel memory foam is a recent product. So, the effect of the gel foam is not so known to us. Some of the gel memory exhibits less odor than the memory foam. There is a bad smell of the memory foam. But it is a common thing in the case of the memory foam.


The two types of foam are similar in the feeling. The memory foam is good for the people who have pains in the body. It is a little bit softer than the gel memory foam. So, it is more comfortable. On the other hand, the air circulation process of the gel memory foam is better than the memory foam.

Producing heat

The main problem of some mattresses is the heat problem. The manufacturers try to bring the mattresses which produce less heat. The memory foam produces more heat. The gel memory foam is cooler than the traditional one. In the gel memory foam, the gel reduces the heat of the mattress.

Response time

The response time of the foam mattress depends on some factors. Viscosity, elasticity, etc are the important factors. The faster the mattress returns to the original position, people more like it. The sinking feelings are not good for sexual enjoyment. The memory foam which is traditional will take 40-60 seconds to respond. But the gel memory foam takes only 5-10 seconds. So, it seems that gel memory foam response quickly and it is good for sleep.


People always want the durable one when they buy anything. A mattress is not an expensive thing. So, in the case of mattress, durability is one of the main conditions to consider. The durability depends on the density of the foam, the weight, and some other factors. The 4.5 to 5.3 lbs thicker layer is good for better sleep. The gel memory foam is 3.0 to 4.0 lbs thick.  But the traditional one is 4.5 to 5.3 lbs. Traditional memory mattress is more durable. But the manufacturers bring the more durable gel foam mattresses.


When you buy a mattress, the price is the most considerable thing. In the case of gel memory foam and memory foam, the price of gel memory foam is a little bit higher than the memory foam. The difference is not so more. It is for their materials. Memory foam also has different prices.

Memory Foam

Which one is better?

Gel memory foam means the memory foam which is infused with one kind of gel. It is the latest memory foam. But in some cases, traditional memory foam is better than the gel memory foam. The traditional one produces less heat than the gel foam. Moreover, the price of memory foam is less than the gel memory foam.  So, it is better to buy the traditional memory foam. The memory foam will give you overall comfort and support. The memory foam is user-friendly. However, the gel foam has also some additional benefits such as gel memory foam is cooler than the memory foam. Nowadays, the manufacturer of gel memory foam offers more warranty.

All the things have the good and bad characteristics. All these differences affect to take the proper decision. However, comfort and price are the main factors when you want to buy a mattress for your bed. But if one is best for you, it will not be the best for another. It is natural.

Final Words

At first, make a budget for your mattresses. Then learn about the mattresses available in the market. Then you should see the warranties, price and materials. It will help you to take a decision. You should remember that buy anything for comfort is an investment. I hope this article on gel memory foam vs memory foam will help you to take proper decision.

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