How Long Do Mattresses Last? The Results May Shock You!


We must know how long do mattresses last before buying a mattress. Can you guess how long should a mattress last? Is it 5, 8, 10, 15 or 20 years? The average lifespan of a standard mattress is unique. In this regard, a study shows that high-end mattresses can boast up to 10 years according to the warranties.

In reality, it depends on the type of mattress and the way it made of. Though a mattress can last up 7 to 10 years people above 40 are not advisable to use the same mattress for more than 7 years.

Different Types of Mattress

Type of mattress plays an important part in terms of how long do mattresses last or how long should a mattress last. The mattress industry has continually been making innovations since a very long time. As a result, of 5000 years of upgrades and new discoveries, many exciting new technologies regarding materials and compositions have come in the market.

It made the task easier to find the right type of mattress that will work best for you. Among varieties of mattresses air, latex, innerspring and memory foam are the recent ones. Each of the types has its own life expectancy. In particular, air and innerspring are the shortest, memory foam is mid length, whilst latex types tend to last longer than others.

Air Mattresses

Recommended for those sleepers, who prefer customized firmness, will over time either develop leaks or generally become less effective at retaining air pressure. In general, this type of mattress lasts for 5 years, due to built-in pump this can lead to premature replacement.

Memory Foam Mattresses

This type of mattress is less prone to sagging but not invincible. Like air mattress, they also require rotating and foam does eventually lose its support, but after a long time. This has mid length longevity of about 10 years. If you want to make it, live to its lifespan you need to flip it regularly, keep rotated, clean and ventilated.

Innerspring Mattresses

These are good for non-sharing couples who like a springy and bouncy surface. But as these made of thin coil springs so this could quickly sag and lose strength. Even after flipped and rotated regularly the high-end models won’t last more than 7-8 years.

How Long Do Mattresses Last

Latex Mattresses

In the comparison of longevity, latex mattresses are highly superior and beat all other types. Its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic properties add to the durable nature of latex rubber foam to combine a core very ergonomically.

If can properly maintain, latex mattress can last for 15 years. Here the longevity comes as a layer that wears out can replace easily with a new layer. Moreover, one can flip each of the layers individually to allow even wear.

Futon Mattresses

Has below-average longevity, do not last long, with proper care can last up to 5 years.

Waterbed Mattresses

Come with medium-high durability, can last between 7-9 years. If can maintain proper maintenance this limit can exceed.

Hybrid Mattresses

This mattress made with a pocketed coil support core. For this reason, it doesn’t last longer and tends to degrade faster as compared to other mattresses.

How Long Do Mattresses Last: Factors for Matters Lifespan

To know the answer of how long should a mattress last you should keep in mind some important factors. Few of them are-

Depends on How You Use

The longevity totally depends on how you take care of it. With this in mind, you need to make sure you have a solid and supportive bed base.

If you have any fear of spilling liquids on your mattress then you should invest in a waterproof mattress pad. But it’s advisable not to getting liquid on a memory foam mattress because it’s not good for the foam. Plus, you need to make sure you are rotating your memory foam mattress daily.


You can help the mattress last longer if you follow the care instructions from us. It is possible to prolong the mattress’ lifespan by doing these things. Take as an example you can place a protective cover over the mattress to stop spills and other things from getting into the mattress.

Besides this, parents can prevent children from jumping on the bed. As well as they should take the time to rotate or flip the bed every couple of months. Regardless this you should purchase a supportive bed frame that protects the mattress and helps elongate its life.

Age Matters

In fact, age affects on how often you should replace your mattress. It is advisable to replace the mattress for people over 40 in every five years to ensure the best support for the back.

Cleaning Product Matters

Quite often, it depends on the cleaning methods you use for cleaning your mattress. With this intention to clean bloodstains, you might have to use hydrogen peroxide to get rid. You can’t forget too much of chemical or other heavy duty stain removers can lead to a reduction of mattress life. They are not for withstanding such chemical uses.

how long should a mattress last

When Will You Know To Replace Your Mattress?

When you find signs of the surface and support wearing out, feeling uncomfortable in the bed or sleeping on it, then get that it’s high time to change your mattress. The most common visible signs of wearing are tearing, sagging and holes. Some more are-

  • Feel tired despite getting enough rest.
  • Wake up stiff, sore or in pain.
  • Get better sleep on the recliner or sofa.
  • Age of 40 and your mattress is older than 10 years.
  • Sneeze, wheeze or experience allergic symptoms in bed.
  • Hard time finding for a comfortable position.

So, before buying the mattresses, you should know “how long do mattresses last”.

Summing Up

In a research of Oklahoma State University it came up our sleep cycle considerably enhances when we change from a neglected mattress to new mattress after a decade.

All the primary cause of back pain comes from mattress we use. On average, each of us spends 2900 hours or oddly 8 years of our life on the mattress. So it is important to find out how long do mattresses last. You also should know about Gel Memory Foam VS Memory Foam when you will purchase the mattress. Hopefully, this article will lead you the correct direction.

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