How Many Watts Is Good For A Car Stereo?


A car stereo is very important for your vehicle. The car stereo can create live music today for you while you are driving or sitting in the passenger seat. A car stereo with a good watt system can make the ambiance of your car while traveling or going on for vacation.

The selection of appropriate watt depends upon the loudness of sound you want to have in your car. The louder music you want the stereo of more watt you need to buy out. You can buy out bigger subwoofers if you require a loud voice to be heard by you.

Car Stereo Watts

About Car Stereo Watts

Lots of people look for the answer how many watts is good for a car stereo? But the answer lies in the fact it depends on a lot of factors like distortion, taste, and preference of the users, enclosures, number of subwoofers you can install in your car etc.

The distortion is the very important factor if you are deciding on a stereo. As it should be as low as possible The distortion level can be checked once your car is standing still. As sometimes you cannot hear the same out while driving due to the various noises caused by your car. Once you identify the issue with distortion do check the settings and experiment between the levels unless the distortion sets in. The kind of subwoofer you are looking for should have low distortion effects. And with the right configuration of the watt in any stereo system.

How many watts is good for a car stereo

People can have confused for the watt as they think they do not require the subwoofer because they don’t like loud music. They just love to listen to classical or Jazz. But this is a myth a perfect 200-watt subwoofer can add richness and depth to the music produced. The speaker does a better job in making the music full of bass that looks nice to hear while you drive your car around the city.

Many car owners face the issues with watts, as some of them remain confused about the usage of the subwoofer. They want to install in their car while the others try to find out the amount of watt they want their subwoofer to be used with.

Good music is always recognized by the quality of bass it produces while its operation. As for the calculation of the watt used in your car do require a particular kind of well-balanced rest of the system. There are some of the thumb rules that you need to follow for the calculation for the subwoofer you require in your car:

  • If you are using the car’s factory stereo for operations. You can go for the subwoofer of 50 to 200 watts, power can produce sufficient bass for you to enjoy in your car.
  • You will require 200 to 300-watt RMS of power is required in subwoofer for an aftermath receiver.
  • If you are amplifying speakers of approximately 50 watts per subwoofer or channel. In this case, you can plan on having 250 to 500 RMS for the bass.
  • If you are looking for 100 watts or a higher per channel RMS system. Then you will definitely look for 1000-watt RMS for your sub.

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How to Calculate Car Stereo Wattage?

For the car stereo wattage calculator, you need to search through online websites to have a right equipment. As the calculation is different for per the other car models. The calculations carried through the calculator have been quite approximate to deliver the requisite results for installing the right subwoofer in your vehicle.

This is one of the best ways to calculate the right subwoofer for your vehicle. The subwoofers have the tendency to work in a way you want. But they can face lots of issues if you do not buy the one that can be adjusted in your vehicle. A music sound box should be an ideal one for your vehicle. As when you travel for the long hours inside or outside the city the same will be with you and able to please you during your course.

Final words

So, do look for the right watts, as per your size of the vehicle and the loudness of your system. Do take the help of the calculator and various equipment to check the audio tolerance. And how many watts should be best for you to proceed. The subwoofer brands are many, but you need to know the one that will depend upon your priorities. So, make sure to choose the right one for you today!!

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