How to Clean Espresso Machines Properly? Beginner’s Guide


If you have an espresso machine, you must clean your machine correctly. Maybe you can ask how to clean espresso machines properly and easily. Even the most experienced barista find the cleaning process of espresso little tricky. For commercial places, there are people to clean a machine regular of daily individually. Some barista clean the machine himself/herself or sometimes their serves do this for them. No matter who performed the part of cleaning its essential to learn how to clean espresso machine well, without damaging.

In the home, the cleaning process for an individual is another name of trouble. If you have one machine for coffee making, currently you should know after using ¾ days the clean machine starting serve different test of coffee or take time to serve without giving any notice. That’s a sign of unclean espresso making.

Espresso Machines Cleaning Guide

Post working coffee makers are loaded with milk deposits, coffee grounds, and other residues. The shower cases also get a layer of oil often during a lot of usages. You should clean the surface every day with a moist cloth so the thick oil layer cannot stick permanently. Here given how to clean espresso machines in daily basis in more easier way. Have a look below.

  • Required tools for cleaning-
  • Detergent, if possible take any particular brand of espresso machine cleaner.
  • A kitchen towel, paper towel or dishrag.
  • Kitchen scrubber/green scrubber.
  • A large bowl of soaking portafilter.
  • Portafilter basket, and blind basket.
  • Brush for group head; even old toothbrush will do great. Steam wand brush.

clean espresso machine with vinegar

How to Clean Espresso Machines: Cleaning Tips

Here are few cleaning tips which help you to clean your espresso machine properly. Read our full article in below:

Step 1: Scrub the portafilter basket

First, remove the basket from the portafilter and make it wet. Now scrub it with a brush or scrubby pad and clean the residues. Rinse them with hot water and dry them with a paper towel and then in air for a while.

Step 2: Clean the gasket

Uses a nylon brush into the group head to cleaning the gasket. Run the brush around the edges to dislodge all the contaminants materials of the gasket. After that run the hot water through the group head to clean it thoroughly.

Step 3: Wash the screen and underside of the group had

For more deep cleaning, locate single big screw of the group-head underside and unscrew it. A short screwdriver will quickly remove it. Now use a wet nylon brush or scrubber pad to clean the debris from all side. Due to regular use debris can grow all the area behind the screen. So scrub the interior of the group-head thoroughly. After cleaning use a paper towel to clean and dry the area thoroughly. Now screen back the screen tightly.

Step 4: Backwash the machine

For deep cleaning, take a basket without holes and insert it to the portafilter and lock into the group-head. Now turn on the machine and allow the water run into the portafilter for 15 sec. after that, turn off the machine and remove the portafilter and repeat the process for 2/3 times.

Many espresso models are specially mentioned to avoid this process. So, read the manual, cleaning instruction well before applying it to your machines.

Step 5: Cleaning the steam wand

The steam wand starts to build milk-protons on the arms when left unclean. Over the time this residue will affect the taste of our espresso. So its need to clean regularly before and after work.

First, place a clean wet rag or towel over the nozzle of the wand before use. When the water is warm up flush the water for 3/4 sec so any residue or dirt of the wand can get out easily. After steaming the milk or when it’s done all the work completely follow the possess once again.

You should follow the process once in every day. It helps to avoid excessive growth of debris into the machine. But still, you need to clean the machine every week or month depending on how much you use the machine.

how to clean espresso machine

Here is some simple procedure to clean espresso machine deeply. Have a look below.

  1. At first, make a solution of cleaning with water and detergent. There are lots of espresso machine cleaner available on the market you can use that too. Take two litter of water one spoon of detergent/cleaning solution in a large container and give them a good mix.
  2. Disassemble the main parts of the espresso machine. Remove the portafilter, basket, steam wand, screen, etc. one by one. Make sure the machine is off and unplugged. Now soak them in the cleaning solution for at least 30 min. If possible, soak them for overnight.
  3. Now it’s time for scrubbing. Yes, after soaking take out all the parts and lightly scrub them with the green scrubby pad. Scrubbing will let out rest of the undisclosed residues from these parts.
  4. After fining the scrub rinse them in warm then cool water. Check them if any dirt left out or not. The inside of the milk wand is little tricky to scrub due to its narrow body. Take a long metal stick or wooden stick which fit to go through the wand. Run the water tap and take the wand and stick under the water while you’re cleaning the inside of the wand. Do this for 3/4 times. Let the wand rested in a bowl with warm water for a while. If the color or texture of the water remain clean than your wand is completely clean.
  5. Now dry all the parts with a clean and dry towel very well and let them rest for 10 min is air before assembling them again.


So that is all for you how to clean espresso machine at home or in the cafeteria. These are very simple but effective solution to taken care of the machine. If possible try to clean or take your machine single-handedly. Which mean a machine operated/clean by a single person last for a long time. If the espresso coffee maker is intended to use for commercial places than this rule is tough to maintain though.

However, no matter how often you clean your machine if it’s done correctly you would get the most hygiene, full test espresso shot to enjoy and serve others. Now you know how to clean espresso machines both light and deeply; so it’s time to enjoy the cleaning too.

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