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How to Clean Hardwood Floors with Vinegar? Step To Step Guide


Do you know how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar? No worries, we are here for the solution. Vinegar is a kind of non-toxic content and it is inexpensive. However, some people think that whether vinegar is used to clean hardwood floors or not. But, it is undoubtedly a proven fact that vinegar is the best way to clean hardwood floors and it can be used in many ways.

The Benefits of Vinegar on the Hardwood Floors

Vinegar is a kind of object which cleans your hardwood floors in many ways. Inside many things we use vinegar. We also use it to clean hardwood floors. There are many types of floor care tools that can use to clean your hardwood floors perfectly. There are lots of benefits using vinegar on the hardwood floors. The benefits are as follows:

Clean Hardwood Floors with Vinegar

It makes hardwood floors shine:

Vinegar can be used as a shiner because it makes hardwood floor shine. After wiping hardwood floors with vinegar, the floors look gorgeous. So, it is true that vinegar is a real shiner of the hardwood floors.

Easy to use:

Sometimes, people think that how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar. They also think that is it possible or not. But you will be happy to know that it is really possible. Vinegar is easier to use for mobbing hardwood floors. As it is a kind of non-toxic water, people can freely use vinegar for the hardwood floors.

Not harmful for the family and environment:

Some people are worried about the harmful sides of using vinegar. But, it is clinically proved that vinegar is not harmful to the family and for the environment. Also, it is not harmful to the children and pets. Even if it mixes with soil or environment by any chance, it does not make any harm to the environment. We see that it is absolutely safe. So, we can use vinegar on the hardwood floors without any thinking.

It kills the germs:

For the children, we should keep the floors clean always as they roll on the floors all the time. So, we should aware about the cleanness of the floor. However, various germs always remain on the floor. Vinegar kills bacteria, viruses, and mold. Using vinegar is very much beneficial for killing the hardwood floors germ.

Cheap rate:

Vinegar is a very good cleaner and it is found at a cheap rate. We need not pay a big amount for buying branded floor cleanser. But vinegar works much better than the costly cleanser. And it is found in a cheap rate everywhere. That is why people of all classes can buy vinegar easily and can mop the hardwood floors properly.

Easy to buy:

Vinegar is not a medicine. This is why it is easy to buy. For buying vinegar we need not show any prescription. So, it is easy to buy like other things and also it is available to everywhere. Every kind of people can buy it easily.

Does not damage anything:

By using vinegar we can wipe hardwood floors. Sometimes people get afraid of damaging things or floors. But, they should not worry about it. Because vinegar doesn’t damage anything. Rather, vinegar is useful for hardwood floors. It protects the floor and does not allow to be damaged anymore.

The Use of Vinegar for cleaning hardwood floors

Vinegar is very much useful to clean hardwood floors. But, many people do not know how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar. We should not use vinegar directly on it. It is essential to mix some water with the vinegar to clean the hardwood floors. We should aware about the measurement of the vinegar and water. Too much water must not be used because it damages the hardwood floors. So, the measurement of vinegar and water should be acquired.

Clean Hardwood Floors with Vinegar

To clean hardwood floors with vinegar we should follow some simple steps. These steps are given below:

  1. You should remove any kind of object from the wood floor. If it is possible to move furniture must move it and clean the floor properly.
  2. While wiping the floors with vinegar, you should block off the room. If you do it children and pets cannot come into the room and they cannot make such footsteps. These foot stapes do not make the floors look good as these do not add to the decor on the floor.
  3. Dry mop or vacuum the hardwood floor. It is tough to carry away all the surface dirt, hair, dust and lint before mopping.
  4. Fill a clear bucket with an accomplishment of warm water and white vinegar. Here measurement between vinegar and water is very much important. You should mix a half cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water.
  5. Immerse a clean mop into the dissolution and press it until it becomes damp-dry. Do not use a soaking damp mop on the hardwood floor. It is a very important thing and you should never do it.
  6. You should mop the floor from the corner. Actually, start mopping from the corner of the room. At the time of mopping follow the way of the floorboards. If you do it, you can easily mop the floor. As the starting point starts drying so, by following this rules you can keep in mind which side you have already moved.
  7. After mopping the floor rinse the mop over and over again. It will make the floor crystal clear.
  8. You should change the water if the desolation starts looking very dirty. As dirty water does not clean the hardwood floor properly so, change the water before swiping another floor.
  9. If you found the hardwood floor very wet after mopping, use a clean and soft towel to dry it. You can also let it air dry. Water is a curse for the hardwood floors. So, do not keep the floor dumpy.


While the floor becomes dry, you can open the room for the children and pets. You can allow all to get into the room. And then put the furniture to their own place. Vinegar is non-toxic and absolutely safe. You need not rinse it from the floor. Vinegar can clean old hardwood floors, shine and gorgeous. Do not worry about using it. If you follow the above rules you need not think again how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar.

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