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How to clean old hardwood floors? Step To Step Guide


Your house may get old and for that are you searching for to know how to clean old hardwood floors? Hardwood floor is sturdy and it looks gorgeous. But when the floor gets older, it needs extra care to keep its glory. So, during cleaning your old hardwood floor, scrape away all the dried paint, other dirt.

Besides, you can use any hardwood cleaner to remove odors. There are many floor care equipments like vacuums, but you should care when you will use these tools for cleaning your old wood floors. If you clean your floor regularly, it will show you its glow and will look gorgeous as a new one.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Most of the homeowners like hardwood floors for homes. Again, some of them like only the floor and they do not use any carpet. Now see the benefits of hardwood floor for your home.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Enhance the beauty of your home

Hardwood floor is so stylish and also warm. Many of us think hardwood floor give your room space looking bigger. However, the gorgeous looking floor also makes your guests wowing.


One of the best benefits of hardwood floor is its versatility. It does not matter how you decorate your room. Harwood floor goes with every interior design. You can choose any color because there are many colors of hardwoods. So, you are able to choose one as your desire.

Low Maintenance

You can maintain your hardwood floor easily. You can clean them easily. However, most of the floors need deep clean only one time a year. Moreover, the hardwood floor is stain resistant than carpet. It is necessary for you to know how to clean hardwood floors.


As hardwood floor needs low maintenance, it is very durable. Though your floor gets scratched, it takes a long time to do that. Even you can remove the scratched mark by spot cleaning.

Increase Acoustics

Wood floor reduces the sounds and vibration and by thus it increases acoustics. For this reason, the floor of the dance studios, and music halls are made of wood.

Good Air Quality

As hardwood floor does not trap animal dander, particulate matter, and other allergens, it increases the air quality. So, the wood floor is quite good for those who are suffering from allergy. Moreover, hardwood floor has not fibers such like as carpets. So, it attracts less dust.

Cost Effective

Hardwood floor is durable, easy maintaining and provides good air quality. So, it is more expensive than other floors. But it will maintain your cost by some ways. You need not a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Moreover, when the flood gets scratched, you can again refinish it. There is no need of carpets or tiles. Besides, there is no chance to feel that you need to replace your floor.

Ecological Choice

Your hardwood floor saves money and also keep safe the environment. Some materials such as bamboo are used to make hardwood floor which grows fast and make the floor sustainable. Moreover, it is natural and eco-friendly. However, if you sell your home, the buyer will pay more for the hardwood floor.

No color fading

If you want to use carpet on the hardwood floor, your carpet will last long. And your carpet will last as longer as your hardwood floor.

Natural Patterns

You will get natural beauty and some different patterns on your hardwood floor. So, you do not need an artificial pattern for your hardwood floor. You will get the unique design of your home with your hardwood floor.

How To Clean Hardwood Floors

You can refinish it

It is not necessary to replace your hardwood floor because when it grows older, you can refinish it. After refinishing your hardwood floor, your floor will look new. It also cost you less than replacing it.

So, to make your home beautiful, hardwood floor is the best choice than other options.

How to clean old hardwood floors: Make It Like New

If you know how to clean old hardwood floors properly, then it is not a hard work for you. Now see the cleaning process of your hardwood floor.

Make the room empty

It is not a good idea to clean the floor by moving all furniture. So, it needs to empty the room, because a proper cleaning of old hardwood floor will take several hours.

Repair if it is needed

It is now time to repair the small problems of your old hardwood floor. Try to remove the deep scratches with a stain marker.

Clean your floor

If you want a new finish, then you need to remove the existing finish.  The ordinary dirt, grease, dusting oils and dust, wax should be removed. It is not good to use hot water with soap. However, harsh chemical damages the polish of your floor. Moreover, excessive water is not good for wood. So, use the commercial hardwood cleaner for your hardwood floor.  When this cleaning is completed, wipe your floor with a soft and dry cloth. If you have not excess time, you can switch your fan to make the floor dry completely.

Gently scrape old finish

A water-based or an oil-based finish cannot make a bond with the previous finish. So, we need a mechanical bond between two layers of finish. TO do this, you need to add so many tiny scratches to the old finish. You can use a hand polisher to scrape the old finish.

Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Clean the dust

Run your vacuum a soft bristle and remove all the dust of scuffing on your floor. But do not use the dust mop and only push the grit between the boards.

Apply the chosen finish

Now choose a proper finish for your old hardwood floor. It is critical to choose the appropriate finish. You may observe the difference of Dry time and Cure time. A finish will dry within a few minutes. But to reach the maximum hardness, a week is required.

When your floor gets dry, you can walk on it wearing a sock. But to keep shoes you need some more days. So, wait minimum three days to bring your furniture back. Before bringing furniture, remove the dirt from the legs of them.

Final Words

From this article, I hope you are able to know how to clean old hardwood floors. It is an easy way but you need more time to clean and finish it properly. After cleaning, you will see a beautiful and gorgeous hardwood floor of your sweet home.

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