How To Repair An Air Mattress: Step to Step Guide


You may love sleeping in an inflated bed. But, it leaving you flat on the floor in the morning is harmful to your health. So, you must know how to repair an air mattress. At times, there might be leaks that will help the air to escape. It does not mean you have to throw the bed away. You can always fix it with some simple techniques.

Air mattress is made with materials that may puncture anytime. Instead of spending on a new one, it is best to learn how to fix an air mattress. It will save you some money. Also, you can avoid a rough night sleep. It is easy to patch the holes, but it is challenging to find the tiny holes. You need to have patience while identifying them as there may be many of them.

how to repair an air mattress

How to repair an air mattress?

A simple small leak can ruin a great bed. It is going to puncture every time after you inflate it. In this article, the topic of discussion is how to repair an air mattress. It is not as complicated as it seems. You have to know the proper methods to ensure that there is no leakage. You do not have to buy expensive items for the fixing. Rather it is cheaper than you can imagine.

Do not assume for leaks

Do not always think that the mattress is leaking. Anything inflated with the help of air will lose the air over time. Often, when the bed encounters cold weather, it will shrink. The bed will soften a little bit in such condition which reduces the amount of air inside. So, think before going for the repairing process. You can cover this problem by using a heater in your room. Also, do not assume that you do not have to reinflate the mattress. Every once in a while you must pump the bed to have the correct pressure.

Identify the leak

At first, you must find the leakage for how to repair an air mattress. You need to inflate the air mattress completely. Sit on it and check whether the bed goes down to 1 inch. More than this shows that the mattress has leaked. Another way is that you can put some weight on the bed and leave it overnight. If it deflates more than 2 inches, it has leakage. The mattress must have high pressure, this way it becomes easier to identify the leaks.

Then, to locate them you should examine the valve followed by the whole mattress. Put a hand and feel whether there is any air escaping. If you are unable to find any holes, you can use other techniques. Use mild dish wash soap liquid to create bubbles. The mattress will blow the bubbles away if any leaks are there. Another way you can use is hearing. Put your ear to the bed and press gently. You can listen to a different sound if there is a leakage. Once you have spotted the holes, mark them with a marker. Do not stop if you find a leak; there might be many. After this, dry the mattress in open air.

repair an air mattress

Using a Patch Kit

How to repair an air mattress with the help of a patch kit may look complicated. But it is not. You can say it is one of the cheapest ways for repairing. First, you need to buy a patch kit; it is available on the market. It contains several essential items. Remember to buy the ones that support plastic type materials. Once the bed is dry, deflate it completely. On the top part of the mattress, there is a thin layer of coating. To repair the leak, you must sand it with sandpaper until you see a plastic material. Clean around the hole with soap or alcohol so that there is no dust. Then let it dry for some time.

In the meanwhile, you should learn how to patch air mattress with the different type of patches. Cut down a piece that is 1.5 times bigger than the hole you spotted. It contributes to cover the leak and ensures proper sealing. The patch comes in two types. One is just like a sticker, and the other one needs a special kind of glue to attach. Put the piece on top of the tiny hole and exert pressure for more than 30 seconds. The ones that need glue, you should dry them for at least 2 to 3 hours. Also, put something heavy on top of it such a big fat book. Do this for all the leaks. Inflate the mattress to check further for holes.

Without a patch kit

Learning how to repair an air mattress without the use of a patch kit is important. You may not have one available at your home when you are in this crisis. So, you can always make your own to repair the bedding. Use a sandpaper and sand away the felt coating from the mattress. Then, cut a plastic material such as shower curtain. It should have extra space on every side. Also, you can use duct tapes for a temporary fix. It will not stick for long as the gum will dry out eventually.

Put a lot of strong glue around the leakage and place the plastic on top of it. Use pressure to smooth out the patch and then remove the excess amount of glue. After this, place a heavy object on top of the patch for few hours. It will ensure that the patch sticks to the mattress properly. Sometimes, while repairing people make mistakes like using hot glue in mattresses. It will melt the material on the spot and will create a bigger hole. Then you cannot repair it anymore.

how to fix an air mattress 3

Remember that using your own may void the warranty. Manufacturers only recommend using patch kits for fixing. Also, they prefer sending back the mattress to them.

Final words

In the end, I would say learning how to repair an air mattress is profitable. You can fix it without spending too much money. Also, if you send the product to the manufacturer, who knows when they will deliver. Further, it becomes troublesome for some people as they have to take it to the manufacturer. It also increases the transportation cost. You can enjoy a great night sleep on the day you start repairing the air mattress yourself.

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