How to Use Espresso Machine: Easy Tips for Beginners


Have you bought an espresso machine suddenly now struggling with figuring out how to use espresso machine properly? Well, this not a rocket science. Anybody will understand even you if you learn some necessary things and follow some process of how to use the espresso machine.

There are many types of espresso machine and most of them are same. No matter what size it is, the procedure of making coffee with an espresso machine is same. So, here given some easy process to follow to use espresso machine efficiently.

How to Use Espresso Machine: Step by Step

Fill the water reservoir with filtered water. Regular water is good, but filtered water is good for best test of coffee. Some coffee machine has removable water reservoir or water pipe which easy for direct water pouring. However, all water reservoir has a mark to limit the water quantity, never overfill it.

After that turn on the machine and preheat it. Let it warm up for 15 minutes or the time to that your model required to heat. In that time the water will heat and get pressure to go through on the grounds. With this article, you able to know how to use an espresso maker that is very important to know for you.

how to use an espresso maker

Set the portafilter

It’s a portable filter with handle and space for ground coffee. First, insert the filter basket into the basin before inserting the portafilter upward into the bottom of the group head. Next turn the portafilter to the right to lock it with group head.

Portafilter and filter basket comes in different sizes. Making the single, double or triple shot espresso, you need the right size of the portafilter. Most machine supply single portafilter but you made need changes for future.

Place your portafilter to group-head when the machines are ready to work. It will help the machine to loosens temperature and pressure while warming up.

Preparing the ground

You will need 18-21 gm of fresh coffee beans for making a double shot of espresso. Good espresso required fresh and finally ground coffee beans. If the grinding will not perfect close to powder than it won’t test thoroughly. However, transfer the beans after measuring to the grinder and grind them until it’s close to powdered sugar.

After grinding remove the portafilter from the transfer the coffee grounds to the portafilter. Surely the portafilter will overflow but that’s ok, there are tricks to deal with it too.

Pulling a Shot

Most of the portafilter comes with two settings double and triple shot. You can be assured by seeing the portafilter of the brew basket to understand which settings you need to use.

To make it level push the ground of coffee down with the help of the metal tamper, or you can knock it to the table and remove excess. Then, wipe any excess coffee powder form the edge or top of the portafilter with your pinky finger and level the powder well.

Now, place it in the group head of the machine and make sure its tight and secure. For the first time it seems tricky to add-on with metal tabs and the side of the portafilter, but when you push and slide the portafilter, you will figure that out. It’s best to start on a parallel position with the machine and pull the handle right until its vertical to the espresso machine.

Now press the “free pour” button. It allows passing hot water through the ground coffee. At first, you will get dark color of coffee with crème. This the coffee most people like to enjoy. When your coffee is becoming light stop the button. It’s the bitter coffee and extreme strong test.

A single shot should take 20 sec and the double should maximum 25 seconds. And the triple shot will be maxed 30 sec. If your machine has a timer, then you will save from the hassle of monitoring time. After done with the ground dump it to the knock box and clean the portafilter well. It will help the coffee from sticking your portafilter and the grouphead.

It would be really tricky one if the steaming weren’t good your coffee would not taste good. However, take 2/3 of milk of your coffee. The milk will room-temperature or cold, just like out of the freezer. Take a big mug and pure that into the steamer pitcher. The pitcher will make a loud noise while it’s steaming. As much the foam created the sound will be slow down. Think how much foam you like in your coffee. If it’s just regular amount stop the steaming when the pitcher is warm. When the pitcher is too hot (more than 150F) to touch stop steaming.

How to Use Espresso Machine

To get ready your pitcher press the button of the steaming. When it’s ready, the pitcher will leave hot steam. For making lots of foam without over steaming your milk let the wand floating below the surface of the milk. It will integrate more air into the milk and make it fluffy.

Don’t try to steam your milk twice even you cool it down. Double steaming will reduce the protein level of the milk. It will test dull and also diminish the quality of the coffee.

Don’t forget to clean the steam wand right after steaming. Take a paper towel and fold it into fourths then make it wet. Now wrap and hold it around the end of the metal wand. Let it bursts of few steams so the leftover milk can come over completely. After that wipe out the outside of the wand. Be careful on not to burn your hand.

Assemble Your Coffee

So all the arranging and making a part is complete. Assemble the coffee, milk, and sugar in a nice coffee mug and enjoy! Even its a first attempt at making espresso but we are sure it’s not that bad.

Final Verdict

So, see it’s not so tough at all. As much you try it you will more understand the process very clearly. Now you know how to use espresso machine properly. So, try to often to become a good barista and don’t forget to clean up your espresso machine after every usage.

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