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Memory Foam vs Latex Mattress: Which Is The Best?

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We must know that Memory Foam vs Latex Mattress which one is better to buy. In the market, there are many types of mattress. Latex and memory foam mattress both are very popular in the market. But what is the difference and which one will be better? Many of us think that there is nothing different between memory foam and latex mattress. But it is not true. There are some factors that make the two products differ from each other. These differences help us to choose the best one. We always want the durable and comfortable one. Read through the article to choose the preferable one.

What is latex mattress?

Latex mattress has several layers. The latex is two types; natural and synthetic latex. Most of the latex mattresses are made of natural materials. Latex comes from the Hevea trees. So, it is eco-friendly. The milk of the rubber tree is called latex. The foam of latex is more durable and comfortable. Even a forty years old latex mattress will provide a good quality of support and comfort.

The synthetic one comes from the oils and other chemical additives. Sometimes, it contains a little amount of rubber. The chemical of the synthetic latex is dangerous for health. So, the natural latex is mostly used to make mattresses. The price of the latex mattress is high than other mattresses.

Memory foam mattress

Before knowing about Memory foam vs latex mattress we have to know about the memory foam mattress. Memory foam is made of polyurethane and some other chemicals. The reaction of the memory foam is unique to the pressure and weight. When you lay on it, the pressure of your body is taken by the foam and when it releases the pressure the materials work like spring. But when you move, the materials go to the previous shape. Basically, memory foam mattress has three layers such as foam, the supporting core, and cover.

Latex Mattress

Memory foam vs latex mattress

The differences between memory foam and latex are mainly for the materials of producing these. The manufacturer uses polyurethane and some other chemicals to make the memory foam. On the other hand, the latex mattress is made of the natural latex of rubber tree. Now let’s see the differences between memory foam and latex mattress.


The comfortability of the memory foam and latex mattress depends on some factors. The memory foam is different kinds such as low density and high density. The memory foam is softer and you will feel that your body is sinking into this mattress. So it seems that people will love it. But at the case of latex mattress, you will feel the necessary softness while sleeping. People like it because the pressure relief capability of the latex mattress does not give them any feeling of sinking. It is more resistant and provides nice feelings.

Sleeping issue

Many users of memory foam complain that memory foam mattress gets hot during sleeping. It means that when anyone sleeps on the memory foam mattress, the surface of this mattress gets hotter than the normal bed. It causes for the chemical ingredients of the memory foam. But in the case of latex mattress, the hot condition does not occur because it is naturally cool. If you have any aches, you should avoid latex mattress for sleeping.


Memory foam is not so bouncy because it moves slowly. If the user moves around, the mattress will take more time to go to the original form. It depends on some factors. However, it seems that memory foam mattress is not so resilient. But the latex mattress is different. It is more bouncy. It is good for sexual activities.

Relief of pressure

The best factor of memory foam mattress is the capability of pressure relief. It properly relieves the pressure on the hips, back and other parts of the body. For this reason, people choose this mattress. On the other hand, latex also relieves pressure but it does not work so good as memory foam. So, memory foam keeps the shoulder and neck safe from the pain.



Both of the mattresses are durable for a long period of time. But the durability of the latex mattress is more than the memory foam. Even the memory foam which density is high but not durable as more as the latex mattress. You know that it can be leaked. So you must think durability before choose the mattresses and also should know how to find a leak your mattress.


The latex mattress is very heavy than the memory foam. It is for the materials of the two types mattress. So, it is not easy to move the latex mattress. So, you must think about mattress weight before buying it.


You can find the memory foam mattress at a very cheap rate or at very expensive rate because there are various types of memory foam mattress. But generally, a latex mattress is more expensive. To buy a natural latex, you need to pay a lot of money because of its’ materials. Memory foam mattress is at least 10% cheaper than the latex mattress with the same thickness.

Memory Foam

What is the better option?

Memory foam vs latex mattress; which one is the better option? You can choose anyone of them. Every type has advantages and disadvantages. But for some reason, you can choose the latex mattress. A latex mattress is made of natural elements and it is very hygienic. But in some case, memory foam is toxic to the body. In the case of comfort, latex is better than the memory foam. But the decision is yours. So, learn more about the two and take a decision.

To choose the best mattress is not so easy. There are many things of consideration. Sometimes, the budget is the main factor. Both memory foam and latex mattress are good. But some factors make them different from each other.

Final Words

I try my best to discuss the factors of consideration. I hope these will help you to know about the two types properly and you can now take a decision that what one is preferable to you. As I show you all the negative and positive factors of the both, take the decision yourself. Now, memory foam vs latex mattress is not a matter for you.

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